Shinies 3.0

By: Jerm
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 2 weeks ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 18350crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Deck revolves around Treasure Hunt synergy to tutor desired tools with the Treasure Map and to put immense pressure on opponents to remove them inefficiently before they become monster threats, or will just often win the game outright if they don't. Sharp-Eyed Ashkhan is a reliable way to refuel between the 12 1-drops, 23 2-drops, and 0-cost pickups from Guildsworn Oathman, can sometimes high roll that last Treasure you're hunting for, and the 6/6 body is quite a threat on its own.

Against aggro, the 9 guards (12 with Rift Thane activations) can keep a fair amount of swings away from your face, but the biggest blowouts come from loading up the Shadow Lane after pushing them out of field just to wipe away their cover with Underworld Vigilante and take favorable trades. Bruma Profiteer and Varen Aquilarios are also there tip face races in your favor.

Corsair Ship makes the Chargers in the deck significantly more lethal, which is a large contributor to why there's only 2 Actions in the deck; being able to reliably tutor Raiding Party off Scroll Seeker is huge, and is often what you're aiming to get back when Ayrenn drops. With 2 or 3 Ships out, Raiding Party + Vigilante becomes 12 - 15 burst from hand that requires a Guard in both lanes to prevent.

Notable inclusions:

Scroll Seeker - Back when I made the first version of this list during Houses of Morrowind, I dismissed this card without a second thought. Boy was I wrong! Having this on Turn 1 often just wins Field Lane outright, and while you usually won't trigger the +1/+0 value from the Hunt, being able to dig for Crusader's Assault or Raiding Party is hugely helpful. Also helps pump up Skywag every 10-15 games or so.

Ebonthread Cloak - Slap this on your biggest body before breaking runes versus Yellow, and watch your opponent try to unsuccessfully click on it a bunch when their Javelin inevitably triggers. Can be very strong on Guards versus aggro, leaving Silence as their only way around them (suck it, Lightning Bolts!) while adding a bit of valuable toughness. Also helps smooth out your curve as needed via Mobilize, which is a pretty deal in this deck as controlling field tends to be pretty important with this list.

Forsworn Looter - I thought I'd end up kicking myself for crafting a full set of these, but it's actually been quite strong. If you were fortunate enough to have a 1-drop stick, the Steel Scimitar it pulls let's it beat pretty much anything your opponent put down to contest. Or, equipping the Scimitar to the Looter itself pulls a guaranteed Treasure Map, which can then be used to finish off a Hunt or to cycle further through your deck. Being Neutral also ends up being a boon for Shalk Fabricant, which can sometimes be difficult to trigger before Corsair Ship comes down. And remember how opponents would remove 2-cost Goblin Skulk at all costs? Same story here - I've had the 1/1 body ring Lightning Bolted multiple times since I start running it.

Shalk Fabricant - Reasonable defensive body that is triggered reasonably often between Looter, Map, and Corsair Ship Daggers. Helps accelerate your Hunts, can provide hilarious upsets (I recently won a game off an Unstoppable Rage + Improvised Weapon combo!), or at worst, provide discord fodder for Discerning Thief.

Guildsworn Oathman - The primary reason I switched the deck from Battlemage to Guildsworn to begin with. Pulls two Treasure Hunt cards on its own, enables surprise combat tricks, and comes attached to a decent body to boot. Also helps ensure value from Ayrenn in a deck with only 6 natural Actions.

Sharp-Eyed Ashkhan - I've always felt this card was underrated ever since I pulled my first one while building my collection during HoM. Very easy to trigger the Plot, which often ends up just being a draw 3 with no downside. Gives the list's 1-drops an actual purpose later in the game, and I often time find myself holding onto one if I look like I'm about to run out of gas (or one of the 0-costs off Raiding Party/Guildsworn Oathman).

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I love this deck. It's a blast. Thanks for coming up with it. Wish I had the idea
IN-SITU 2 weeks ago
Thanks for sharing your gold deck with us ! It's cool to see original and not cancer deck like this : )
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