Post Oblivion Token Crusader

By: jumpinlion
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 10300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Token crusader has largely been my one the the favorite and most played deck. The deck is largely the same as traditional token crusader list. The oblivion expansion do gave token crusader a solid card in Defense of Bruma.
This card cost can reduce very easily with your already 5 health creatures in the deck but other also card buff can land cards like Wily Kee’va to 5 health.
Cards like Moon Bishop and Cleric of Kyne can also help reduce its cost.

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Neat idea! How often do you find it landing? What cards did you take out? Curious if just adding Resolute Ally would be better.
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Glad to hear you liked the idea. I constructed this deck a day before the oblivion expansion came out so I haven't tested anything yet.
The changing I made from my usual list is run 2 cleric and 1 gavel over rift thane. Near every one and two drop can trade with rift thane and the popularity of wardcrafter decided that I cut this card out. The second change was replacing two copies cloudrest with defence of bruma. The third and final change I made was adding two copies of monastic champion over one cloudrest and black dragon. I haven't played with this card much so I decided to include it.
Resolute Ally have a 84% chance of triggering. If it doesn't land its not game losing but if it hits it's a huge payoff.
I will try out this list and maybe change if things don't work out.
Although Token Crusader has never been "my cup of tea", I decided to give this one a go.
I'm on 8-7... can't quite get a grasp on this. Wins are usually between turns 5 to 8... but if I go past that, defeat is certain.
I'll go with it a few more games... trying to fine tune my play ;-)
Thanks for sharing!
Dungeon Crawl... 1 week ago
I think it's too slow widening the board.
Rickyslash is right it's a 50% win deck on the ladder- at best.
Only hope is to buff early.
I'll try a few more games.
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jumpinlion 1 week ago
You may be right. I played 4 games won 3 but the deck didn't seem too powerful. I will try to post another more refined deck once I get enough time to play.
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