Buffy redoran

By: Karakondzhul
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 7 hours ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 21900crystal
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Azelios 1 week ago
I really like how they expanded both in-hand buffs and stat-dependent summoning effects. Redoran reloaded so to say.
Here you used kind off all cards that are related to this theme. Would you like to share which ones turned out to work best? I missed the stream unfortunately 🙄
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Emperor's attendant was the one that surprised me the most - it's amazingly strong in this deck, especially if you manage to draw multiple of them because the buffs carry over for free!

Faded wratih is absolutely bonkers but I expected that.

Doomed adventurer provides a lot of value for being a simple 1 drop - I can see him show up even in aggro as a reliable value generator for costing just 1.

I considered trying out Black Soul Gem as well but it seems very weak on paper so I didn't try it.
A token deck with three Black Soul Gem supports would be pretty fun. Do you think the 4 magicka cost would be too much of a tempo loss?
TimesAreHard 1 week ago
JackAries wrote:
A token deck with three Black Soul Gem supports would be pretty fun. Do you think the 4 magicka cost would be too much of a tempo loss?

Way to much tempo loss for a token deck IMO. Token's are usually played in an agro format and turn 4 for agro is pivotal because you're looking to win by turns 6-8. Spending your entire turn 4 on just a support that buffs really slowly and more importantly, does not immediately effect the board, not only results in no extra pressure that turn which can be disastrous for agro on turn 4 but also the card seems to, in effect, look to add more mid-late game pressure rather than early game pressure which is contrary to the agro strat.
Love themed decks. Looks good.
I almost didn't upvote this because I'm enjoying it so much and I don't want anyone else to play it, but in the end I did because it's just so great. Thank you very much.
Flo Dio 1 week ago
I absolutely love this deck <3
I'm out of soul gems to craft Faded Wraith, using 2 Shadowfen and 1 Hallowed Deathpriest instead.
This deck is so goo dat shutting down Invade decks, it's beautiful. Most opponents just concede out of frustration.
This deck is pure awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Fabyus 1 week ago
+1 from a Redoran's lover :-) I'm looking forward to give it a try...
bahzie 1 week ago
I used this as a starting point to see what else goes well with this theme. There's a lot - I ended up with a 100 card deck that included a bunch of rally as well. Faded Wraith buffed to 5 power starts getting kind of hard to play - you have to dump your hand pretty aggressively to make room for all that draw :)

I've just started tinkering, trying to figure out which rally cards work the best, and figuring out WHICH 25 cards are going to go.
That is a good time, playing Faded Wraith to draw 7 is insane!
Sav0s_Aren 1 week ago
Nice deck Kara! Do you think Commander fits into this deck? I think it's good both for the overall buff and for conscription.

Edit: nevermind, I just didn't see the deck already had commander :D
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