Mid Curse Goblins

By: endol133
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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 3 weeks ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 20400crystal
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Goblins are back but this time in mid range. The deck utilizes the new cards added in JoO that have curse synergies. Dust Eater Skimisher/Bloody Hand Chef and Traitor take control of the field lane early. The curses are the main focus of this deck, and they have synergy with traitor by killing the guard left over, and chef to buff its power/health. Three feathered warchief can also trade 1 for 1 with any creature, or can use the curse to kill any creature for a large tempo swing. Goblin skulk can pull curses, and scourge can generate them for leaflurker/shearpoint dragon to use in the mid game. There is a fair bit of goblin synergy which is rewarded by the murkwater skirmisher for surprise burst. There is lots of top end that either draws cards or has charge to help vs control match ups. This deck does well vs other midrange decks, especially warded creatures but can struggle against opponents that only remove your creatures with actions as this is an entirely board based deck. There are 5 prophecies but you can add more to help with aggro match up if needed. I swapped out barrow stalker for city guard but they are both similar power level in this deck so either works.

EDIT: changed the deck to be slightly more aggressive, took out skulk and one curse for aundaes as you will do lots of trading with the deck so likely to get a blood spell. Skinned hound is strictly better than city guard so I put those in, along with 1 pawnbroker (although im not sure what card this is supposed to be yet, feel free to change it). Umaril has been surpisingly good, it helps survive ice storm and is good in race situations by blocking some damage then giving you 6 reach in the other lane. Could potentially go up to 3 cliff racers instead of a baroness but decided to keep it because of ladder greed.

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berjae12 1 month ago
Hey - thanks for sharing! I was hoping for something like this.

A couple quick questions/suggestions: Any reason you didn't include a Ring of Lordship or Training Grounds? There are 20 goblins that would buff with some tribal synergy and a little luck. Maybe drop the two City Guards - seem kind of out-of-place.
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endol133 1 month ago
Hi there, I think training grounds is too low tempo for this kind of deck, you want to be advancing the board arounds t3-5 and it puts you too far behind. I didnt include ring of lordship here because it is better in aggro decks than midrange, however it is a possibility maybe as a 2-off so maybe something to try if you added more goblins and lowered the curve slightly. I would think you would need around 6-10 more goblins for that.
Kimirron 1 month ago
I have climbed from the lowest part of the rank 1 snake to legend without a single defeat, love this deck man, thanks!
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