Invade Mage

By: Xelius
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 17700crystal
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Early draft of invade mage, I find that it beats out most other invade style decks and can tempo out alot of control currently. And in alot of cases simply build a huge portal and drain/out value Aggro.

Please do leave comments on changes have been considering cutting Fork and or 1 Sigil keeper for a second Invasion Party.

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IGORFEZ 1 week ago
I don't think running 2 Wilds Incarnate is a good option, might never trigger if your opponent is all in aggro because this list lacks early defensive options... maybe consider adding Golden Initiate because of how good it is, and can force your aggro opponent into more trades and give the Wilds the value it wants.
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Xelius 1 week ago
I would consider Golden Initiate instead of Fork of Horripilation and perhaps cutting one Fingers of the Mountain for a second.

Although the Wilds Incarnate has really worked for me so far mostly cause of how people react to Invade. People tend to focus almost all there attention on the portal and will often not hit your face for the first 1-4 turns.

This is something that can shift as the meta changes however, so if people starts ignoring Portals and pushing face (Token removing Wilds Incarnate would be a wise choice.

Worth noting although most people most likely know but for those that do not. As an invade deck, playing the field lane is often a better option as the opponent is then forced to choose to either answer your portal or your aggression.

Thank you for the insight sir!
PAPAGO 1 week ago
Good deck! but how about 2 Shining Saint instead of 2 Mythic Dawn Zealot?
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Xelius 1 week ago
Definitely a switch that might be worth it Zealot was fun to mess around with, but the "value" in offers is slow in a way that does not really fit the general tempo that the deck strives for. Will update the list and run a few rounds with Shining Saint to see if it improves it.

Thank you for the advice and I would ultimately say both have a spot in this kind of deck so if others wish to go for a more control value style then keep Zealot in. Personally I agree with PAPAGO on the change for this list tho.
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