Noble Gauntlet #2 (27-4): Midrange Guildsworn

By: Daghter
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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 6050crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
A variation of a popular midrange deck we've seen in this gauntlet.
Nobody playing Eastmarch Crusader seemed like a stupid thing to me, since it has cycle and decent face damage. Take value trades, control the board and go for lethal. Go shadow lane if opponent plays invade.
I kept Vanus's Scribe because I was expecting a lot of people running Guildsworn and Seducer Darkfire locking bolts and javelins. Depending on how the tournament shifts, you can replace it with more Grisly Gourmet or Penitus Oculatus Agent, or even something more controlish (Riften Pickpocket or Thieves Guild Shadowfoot ).

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N P W 1 month ago
What's the best way to play Seducer Darkfire? I'm having trouble finding its usefulness beyond the 7/7 since I feel like my opponents easily work around the cost prohibition
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Daghter 4 weeks ago
Depends on the deck you're facing. Midrange yellow has cost 5, Token yellow has cost 2, Midrange blue has 4, and so on. You can also play it before going face to lock prophecies like harpies, or use it to prevent Sorcerer Negation. There is no general rule, it's just situational.
Plan for the 7/7 is usually getting a big threat on the board and watch your opponent waste at least a turn trying to figure a way to remove it, so that you can take advantage and push for lethal (or go very close to it).
Lost 3 in a row. Invade, control, aggro/face. No good draws. Opponent outpaced me in every single one. Sitting for the first few turns with high cost cards or not yet useful low cost cards sitting in my hand and no play to make.
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Daghter 4 weeks ago
Sorry to hear that. Seems like bad luck tho, since you didn't find low drops. Can't do much about that :/
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