Resurrection of Slay Ebonheart-Post JoO

By: TimesAreHard
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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 25800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Slay Ebonheart has been helped quite a bit from the Jaws of Oblivion Expansion. I wouldn't say it's as strong as it was pre- Falkreath Defiler nerf but its definitely competitive and fun to play if you enjoy the slay style.

Ebonheart always suffered from draw power to keep up with its plays in my opinion. The new draw cards of the Oblivion expansion though really help it out.

Draw Cards:

Fork of Horripilation: Really easy 3-card draw effect to proc with all your lethal's in combination with crossbow or gambit.

Faded Wraith: With hand buffs and/or Galyn, its not difficult to get him up to 3-5 power giving you a solid amount of draw with a medium-large size body for a lowish cost.

Fresh Start: Easy 3-card draw with albeit, niche uses, this deck type being one of them. The 6-cost is negligible with the amount of ramp in this deck.

Cicero: Very easy to proc his 2-card draw on slay with this deck.

Shadow Shift: Gives you flexibility and a 1-card draw.

Scout's Report: Staple draw card.

Ungolim: While not technically a draw card himself, his Brotherhood Assassins give you great tempo plays with a 3/3 lethal body and a draw.


Tree Minder: staple in ramp deck, +1 Magicka for 3.

Thorn Histmage: Another ramp staple, 1+ magicka for 5 and an instant 3/4 body.

Archein Venomtongue: The card that makes this deck possible, +1 magicka for every slay.

Blackwood Distiller: While not as good as Venomtongue and also not required, I like this card for the flexibility it gives you, +1 magicka on slay or +3 current magicka on pilfer.

Determined Supplier: This card can give you crazy amounts of magicka with hand buffs and/or Galyn, although weak to silence and banishing. +magicka=card's current power on death.

Pure-Blood Elder: Although not directly a ramp card itself, doubles the amount of max magicka gained on your turn (including turn progression gain).

Hand Buffs:

Doomed Adventurer: 1-cost +2/+2.

Ald Velothi Assassin: Lethal and rally.

Emperor's Attendant: Variable hand buff that's good to hold onto as a place holder buff target since he can essentially transfer other hand buffs he got randomly selected for to better targets like Wraith, Supplier, or Bat.

Moontouched Guardian: Flexible +2/+2.

Win Conditions

Using Elder is a typical win condition goal with this deck because his +8 +8 and Breakthrough is fairly easy to proc and with all that magicka you'll have more than enough to use a rage combo with him on one turn.

A Martin Septim/Avatar of Akatosh win is a realistic possibility too. if you have your opponent on 0-3 cards in hand, throwing him down on a turn when you know he'll transform gives you a good chance your opponent won't be able to stop him before you win on your next turn. If you want this is to be easier you can run an improvised weapon to give him breakthrough so you can win with rage.

Other than those two ways, you can always win by just taking your opponent's health down bit by bit.

Cards not included:

Whodunit?: With all the ramp already this card just isn't worth it. Not because of its cost, but because it a waste of a draw by being an action which gives you something you'll already have a lot of.

Black-Soul Gem: Played around with it a bit, but it wasn't worth the 4-magicka and there are enough handbuffs in the deck as is.

Falkreath Defiler: Not worth the resources post-nerf.

Night Talon Lord: Could be included if you like the combo, but I prefer the possibility of an easy lethal with Elder over the rage combo with this guy.

Overall after the oblivion expansion, this deck is a lot of fun to play and fairly solid on the ladder. Try it out and let me know what you think!


+3 Scout's Report
-2 Outland Patrol
-1 Shadow Shift

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MrWhite 1 month ago
Hi, I've been trying your deck in ranked and I feel it quite inconsistent by early and mid matches. I usually struggle with giving Galyn the Shelterer good use and never got to try the Unstoppable rage combo with Pure-Blood Elder as I mainly use it to clear overwhelming boards with some letal cards as Archein Venomtongue. Any advise to perform better with this good locking deck?
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Inconsistency has always been a problem with slay decks I've noticed even when slay was dominant on the ladder pre-defiler nerf. Which is why I tried to combat that will all the draw power in the deck but sometimes the rng gods still decide to abandon you lol. That being said, in regards to finding a good use of Galyn, there are many cards to use him on depending on your situation. If draw is your issue, use him on Faded Wraith (probably his best target IMO), if you're having trouble ramping use him on Supplier, if you think you'll have trouble with your opponent putting on to much pressure use him on bat. Slay decks have never been an easy auto-pilot deck strat to use, it takes a lot of practice to learn how to best use your cards and not blow your slay combos. It's really easy to blow your slay combos on low threats and then be at the mercy of your opponent's bigger threats a turn later. Unlike most decks, this strat can't rely on top deck RNG to save you as others can because how most of your plays require some form of 2-3 card combo, therefore being left with an empty hand is your worst enemy. I'm glad you think the deck is good looking! The best advice I can give you is to practice choosing your combo targets wisely, using your other non-combo cards to trade in other situations and hold your rage until you can use it on elder. Using one with Venomtongue isn't a terrible idea if it save's you from losing, but try not to use both in that way best you can. I know it's easier said than done but really do your best to try and maintain board control by only using your combo on targets that would be otherwise hard to remove with your other creatures rather than blowing it on every little thing your opponent plays down. I hope this helps, good luck on the ladder!
MrWhite 1 month ago
Wow, thank you very much. This afternoon I've given it a new oportunity and managing my resources wisely (even pull the combo a few times when everything seemed amazing for my oponent) and it's very satisfying and rewarding going with it. This deck has a nice potential if you practice and think two times before playing a card. I love how the necromancer behave in this deck and the crossbow sinergies you can trigger. I even rank up and the only time I lost were because of RNG luck of my oponent. One of them I faced an oponent with not only one but THREE Chodala's Treachery and still win because of how many draws I got with Galyn the Shelterer and Faded Wraith. However, managing the resources of this deck and the mulygan is key to win. Thanks for your time and your pretty good explanation :D
That's awesome! I'm glad I was able to help. And you're exactly right, resource management is key to winning with this deck. It has a lot of come back potential as you discovered but, it takes a lot of skill and thought in order to be able to use it.
MrWhite 1 month ago
One last question. Would The Night Mother be a slow card to introduce? Maybe its not very good by itself, but I found that you usually have many enemy minions killed and could trigger some cards like Shadowfen Priest instead of some valueable minions like the lethal or absortion ones.
Night Mother wouldn't hurt, you could give it a shot. I've personally never been the biggest fan of it because of how inconstantly it's drawn and actually proc'ed. But it could give you an additional win condition or a Hail Mary if you can trigger it. The only card I would consider dropping for it would be a Determined Supplier. 2 Suppliers vs 3 doesn't make a huge difference.
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