Twin Gauntlet: Mid Tribunal

By: ChoateGaming
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 34350crystal
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This looks really fun. I'll be building it for today's Twin Gauntlet and let you know how I do.
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Welp... I gave it the ole college try, but got stomped. Based on other decks I saw doing well, I might just bring my Singleton Mage deck in and see how it does. I still like the idea of this deck, but it just doesn't fit my play style, I guess.
I tried this deck, it seems fun, yet a bit too greedy to be competitive. Also, where's our friend Gaylin?
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If greed is the issue, you don't want to add more of it with Galyn.
ChoateGaming wrote:
If greed is the issue, you don't want to add more of it with Galyn.

Or maybe you just should not call a deck with 19 cards worth over 6 mana midrange? The level of greed in this deck is either higher or on par with the old control tribunal lists built by some of the best players:
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There is a distinct difference between this deck and both Valerycry's and Thuldir's. Both of those decks are from over 5 months ago when the meta and Tribunal itself was different. Thuldir's curve is irrelevant because he was running Namira's Shrine, Merchant's Camel, Fervors, Soul Tear, etc. That is very much a reactive attrition deck that doesn't have a ton of early game pressure or any impact on the tempo.

ValeryCry's deck is closer to a Midrange/Control shell. But, the deck still had cards like Icy Shambles, Silent Pilgrim, Sotha Sil, etc. What one might consider "slow" plays against a faster deck. That's why that is Control.

When determining whether a deck is Mid or Control, you cannot solely look at the curve and put on the blinders to everything else.
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