Conjurers' Atronach Party

By: Hajoon
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Posted: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 14450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Summoning atronachs + abusing Galyn/Therana/Soul Tear

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Ok so I understand that you may not have many cards in your collection atm.
here are some things to think about when you build a deck.
1 What is my win con/cons.
in this deck win con can be gain board dominance with atros by a) from hand b) summon using mages guild retreat and actions.
2. does the decks make up help fulfil the win con. do you have enough creatures to proc atromancer.
what is chance rate of me pulling the win con from deck. you only have a 1 in 51 chance of getting mages guild retreat. is there another way I can pull this card from my deck?
3. is the win con viable, if mages guild retreat fails therana is not useful and the actions may not be so useful. if you flood your deck with actions how do you proc supreme atromancers effect. with less chance of creatures.
5 can I defend myself against other deck archetypes. so if you matchup up against agro red do you have a problem? here's some 2/ 3 cost cards that are useful against agro barrow stalker, skinned hound, dark guardian. Can I gain health using drain? health gain is also possible through key word acquirement. for instance see manic jack.
6 do I have resource extension to help cycle through your deck
7 do I need reach, I could have killed him if I had had 1 more damage. you have bolt you could add cards that give item reach.

card analysis

1) fire bolt ok can be used to triggers Breton conjurer. useful 2 health creature removal in shadow
2)mute cheap silence but really you want "sorcerers negation" as it will silence and kill 2 health creature. you already have shadow fen priest to silence. you can bring him back with soul tear if you need too.
3) 2 cost but really its a better later game card as the effects on 8 cost and above are much more powerful and there's a reduced number of cards at that cost. in this deck the only creatures that are worth betraying are elusive schemer, crystal tower crafter, guildsworn wayfarer and point wall possibly. your at the mercy of r'n' g. this card is better in telvanni
4) crystal tower crafter even if you manage to grow it its dead to silence. 2 cost 1/1 stat is bad.
5) guildsworn wayfarer expertise is not a strong mechanic, there are better 2 drops ward is strong. do you have ward crafter? can be used with Breton conjurer.
6)pointy wall annoying but it cant attack back unless you have item to put on it.
7 aundae ok you might be able to proc this with actions but only a 4 in 1 chance to gain the blood spell you need.
8)cunning ally ok good has a 75% see1) for firebolt
9) dark rebirth ok fine good fun for some shenanigans late game
10) desperate conjuring ok mid game on a 6 cost creature or above.
11)galyn useful classic trick is to play on necromancers.
12)mummify useful prophecy damage reduction/ near creature removal stops a cards from being resummoned.
13) soul tear useful card late game. ordinaran necromancer might be better in this deck.
here's a suggestion to help deal with agro decks may or may not help use some of the cards
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