Patient Redoran

By: Vlad Sergeevich
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 19650crystal
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Hey everyone. So I've never posted a deck before but I've been playing since launch on and off. I came back after a long break and I built buffy redoran around the time it was posted, it's the most popular deck in the last two months. I've been primarily been using just that deck and tweaking it ever since, trying new things, going back to the original, rinse, repeat. Finally, I think I've found a better version of it which I have here.
It's now a full control deck, it's very rare that you should push for damage before you get everything you need. The major problem with the original is its inconsistency. So I've added a bunch of D&D - draw and drain that works nicely with the core synergy of the deck, I'm getting really good win % with this build.

Here's some advice:

You want to fight for the board and build for the future in the early game with rally, ramp and buff
You want to keep 1 Praetorian Commander in MOST mulligans unless you're sure you're facing aggro
Rally doesn't interact with battle mechanic
Drain does interact with battle and you should try to take advantage of that - saving Squish the Wimpy can win you the game
You can double dip Crusader Assault with Squish the Wimpy
When you're deciding if you want to keep Divine Fervor in the mulligan - see if the opponent has purple, definitely toss it if the opponent has both purple and yellow colors

Do me a favor and try it out a few times! And if you liked it, leave a like!
Any feedback is definitely appreciated, let me know what you decided to cut and what you added!

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