Millwheel Purveyor

By: Ethereal Wonder
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Posted: 4 days ago
Updated: 2 days ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 14150crystal
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I wanted to make a unique deck using the new monthly. Conscription felt too slow for it, and aggro just doesn't make sense. Hence, this monstrosity.

This combo deck depends on its heavy draw to rapidly fill the discard pile before playing Sovngarde, and then using the same creatures, now buffed, to draw more buffed creatures to overtake the board. To be able to play so many cards without losing tempo, this deck uses the Purveyor+Automaton combo to reduce the cost of all creatures in your deck, and as long as you keep drawing, you should always be able to maintain board control. It's got a few nifty tricks here and there, and has performed very well on the ladder for me. Most of the time your opponent just runs out of cards and concedes.

*EDIT*:- While the old Archer version was terrific against control, it didn't have nearly enough to stay alive against faster decks. It had negligible drain, no board-wide control, and relied solely on card-draw to get through your deck. I experimented across multiple tricolor classes, but they warped the deck so bad that it became too slow, and began to suffer from the late-game of every other deck. That's when I experimented with Assassin, which gave us Barenziah, Control cards like Ice Storm and FotM and a littany of discard abilities. So now, this deck aims to use its control cards to stay alive just long enough for the card draw and discard to kick in, filling our discard pile with enough creatures for us to throw down Journey to Sovngarde. You should be able to fill it up well before turn 12, before your opponent commences any late-game shenanigans. Once you've played Journey, you should be able to draw several buffed creatures right away, and come hell or high water, you should have more than enough muscle to power through whatever your opponent throws up.

Rimmen Purveyor:- This card, with it's stats, is pretty damn good. Reddit was right after all. Always used to consume the Reflective Automaton. You should always be able to draw the Automaton every game. The deck doesn't disappoint there. Once you consume him once, it usually is more than enough.

Reflective Automaton:- While he/she/it is an important combo piece, it is never played from hand; usually discarded via the Gambler, Conspirator or the Thief.

Baandari Opportunist:- Closes out unfavorable trades, is a ping set-up for the Leaflurker, draws you more cards, and fills up the discard pile quicker for Journey, after which it turns into a 1-drop Tazkad. What more do you want?

Mausoleum Delver:- Probably the best deck for what this card does imo. It's a godsend against aggro, usually trading 2-1. The Pilfer helps you fill your own discard pile with your opponent's choicest creatures, getting you closer to a decent number for Sovngarde way quicker. It also is useful to bust the 'Moose' runes during early-game against decks like Tribunal.

This deck is considerably more consistent now, and can handle mid-range decks with a little more impunity. Try it out, and let me know what you think. It is pretty damn fun to watch your opponent control you with endless removal and have it actually benefit you for once. Special thanks to Shaqatak, who helped me playtest this thing on the ladder. It was delirious fun watching you shred deck after deck with it.

Best of luck, and godspeed.

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it looks good! I'll try it out!
defeated tribunal with it just now. very good deck. i didnt have the delver, or i would of put it in. but i use candleheart brawler instead. 5/5
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Good to know :)
DiMoTik 3 days ago
Does the cost discount still apply after Journey is played?
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Ethereal Wond... 3 days ago
Nope, unfortunately. The cost resets once the creature enters the discard pile. But everything is damn cheap anyway. And you can always use Rimmen after you throw down Journey.
eotinb 3 days ago
Don't know if it's good, but I love it anyway
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Ethereal Wond... 3 days ago
Aww thanks! Did you try it out? How'd it go?
Im glad to see that you dont have the hesrt to remove anything like me <3
Cheers mate.
Excited to try this out tonight!
Tried this deck out and went 2-5 on the ladder. It seems that there are just too many low-strength cards. I usually had to resort to killing all of my opponents creatures with leaflurkers or finish offs to avoid 2 for 1. Journey seems to be the only win condition, and if you don't draw it, your pretty much screwed. Any thoughts?
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Ethereal Wond... 2 days ago
My thoughts exactly. I realized pretty early on that the draw works well, and once you hit the purveyor, it's smooth sailing. However, this deck doesn't have much of a chance against midrange and aggro since it doesn't have any wide removal. I've reworked it into an assassin deck. It should work way better now.
Gulliver3D 2 days ago
you cannot use the grammite mage in similar combo decks, as its effect can turn against you with control decks, and you lose the victory card. There are a lot of ways, for example abnur tarn. delete it. Finish off for 2 also looks superfluous.
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I know man. I never play the Grummite against blue unless I can sack it immediately. But I agree this deck doesn't really need it. I've been working on an upgrade to this deck for a while, and I'll post it today when I'm done testing.
Very fun deck.
Cheers for the shout out mate.
All I contributed was playing it and having fun!
Can verify that it's a lot of fun. :)
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