[FDB] SizemattersHS' Ramp Control Warrior

By: SizemattersHS
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Posted: 3 weeks ago
Updated: 3 weeks ago
Up to date (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 19000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
**Updated (April 7th, 2017)**

This is my deck that i'm using for this season with cards from the new expansion. Been working really well.

There still will be future tweaks to the deck in the future. Stay tuned for that. Cheers.

Video matches - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZVm8LChqHI

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Thanks for the list, I'm undefeated with it so far. Great choice on the +2 Mummify change, those have really come in handy while waiting for Priests & Spinners :-)
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Thanks, Im glad you liked it. There are a lot of aggro and control decks running around in the current meta, that's the main reason i added in Mummify
Paly_Noob 1 week ago
Also, for those (like me) who don't have all of the high-magika-cost legendaries and are wondering about replacements, Iron Atronoch has been a great fill-in for me, he's single-handedly won me multiple games, he's a beast! (and awesome synergy with Rage!)
Do you have time to post a mulligan guide? After my good undefeated start, I've been on a losing streak vs. aggro decks. For example, is there ever a matchup in which you keep Hist Grove? Thanks.
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Hey Paly_Noob, Yeah, I will post a mulligan guide this weekend since I will not be working and have time to spare. Yeah, I agree, aggro deck are a tough match-up against this deck but it's not impossible to win.

Stay tuned for the mulligan guide.
Great, thanks.
Replacement for lucien? Its the only card im missing
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Hi Quique, well, u can replace Lucien, either for another Archein Venomtougue or Fell the Mighty, but i feel Archein is the best choice. If u meet a lot of control decks, Fell the Mighty would be best
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