Control Monk by Dazer

By: Dazer
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 16850crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I hit number on ladder with monk, and with the expansion monks seems really well positioned. The problem is atromancer, but at least for now the ladder is quite diverse.

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I miss one Dawn's Wrath. Replacements?
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Dazer 1 year ago
Not that important. Immolating blast is ok.
Nice deck. Control Monk is my favorite and this variant can play tempo with the right draws.
D1v1dedby2 1 year ago
I'm finally able to move beyond budget decks and this is my first go at a higher end type (just short an Odahviing for now). Absolutely loving it. So damn resilient even with a slow draw/start. Thanks for keeping it updated!

Any thoughts on Quin'rawl Burglar in this deck?
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Dazer 1 year ago
Dies to bolt and very weak to silence. You can play it until you have odah, its fine.
Ahh thank you for including the playset of Pillaging Tribune. So many people miss how great that card is in monk!
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I think CVH was teasing him about that particular inclusion on Twitch yesterday...haha. It has certainly worked well for me.
Can confirm that I play atromancers in control mage in order to beat this deck and control spellsword and warrior.
Do you think Shadowmere has any place in a deck like this?

I'm still torn on if Shadowmere is even a good card personally but this deck has some decent draw power while also playing the long game so that might be enough to get added value out of this card.
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Dazer 1 year ago
Not a big fan. Shadowmere have some potential, but maybe not now.
Got me out of the tilt and from rank 3 to 1 atm. I don't understand why you replaced dawnstar healer with crushing blow though, I play 2 and I still didn't play a match where it didn't at least give me a meaningful boost if not save me from death.
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Dazer 1 year ago
Meta call only. I was facing a lot control mage with 3 atromancer, and crushing blow is decent in that case. Healer is still a good card.
Deck got me to rank 1. Eclipse Baroness is a bonkers card.

I've had some problems with fast decks and lost once to scout when they drew 3 baroness to my 1.

Green vs. Green control deck match-up revolves around baroness, it's a bit crazy.

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Dazer 1 year ago
My card :)
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