Mage Chanting Tokens

By: glenn3e
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 6550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck pretty hard to run, but the main gist is to try to swarm the board with many creatures till your opponent is out of cards, pressuring them by slowly biting on their health. Cards like Marked Man, Fifth Legion Trainer and Corsair Ship along with the other Token generators are the combos.

Once you have Chanter of Alkatosh online, you have many options. Like Altar decks, the knowledge of how many cards of a certain Magicka cost you have in your deck left is key to playing him. You probably don't want to play him on turn 5, but try to get him out on the turns after that where you can get him to proc at least two times. I would like to also add that if you don't have any copies of a particular Magicka cost in your deck, it will generate a sweetroll instead, which still has usefulness for Cruel Firebloom and synergy with the other Token buffers. Killing people with sweetrolls is fun.

Alkotosh card fetching:
0- Nothing intially, but later Elusive Schemers.
1- Marked Man for the combo. Preferably when you have Corsair is out. Mulligan him out.
2- Fifth Legion Trainer and Shimmerine or Bruma. Combo them with Ice Spike while chanter is out.
3- Crushing Blows fetch Cunning Ally and Eastmarch Crusader. Best cycle and board presence combo.
4- Lightning Bolts and Imperial Reinforcements fetch 4 cost Elusive Schemers.
5- Piercing Jav fetches other Alkatoshes or Ayrenn.
6- Ice Storm a board with Ward on Chanter grants you Stealer of Secrets.

Do not play this deck too aggro, proc the first rune and deal with their board. Feel free to switch around the ratio of combo cards and maybe include a Stealer of Souls for endgame win condition.

Updated with Mulligan and changed list to remove Golden Saints.
Updated 2: Added Soul Split for more two drop fetching and Telvani to even the curve a bit. Reduced Marked Man to one.
Update 3: Changed a whole lot of cards adding in more blues to proc Cunning Ally. Deck now plays more control to go with the meta.
Update 4: Stealer of Secrets try and returning Fifth Legion again.


Try to get a Schemer in your hand, Shimmerine or Corsair Ship. Marked Man is bad and generally try to get creatures in opening.

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Thud the Fall... 1 year ago
Thanks for posting your fun new deck idea! I was playing this deck all morning and have a few comments.

If your opponent out tempos you early there is very little you can do to come back. I know this can be a problem for many decks, but I feel like with a token strat you need more resiliency early. The argument can be made that the tokens don't take the board until the mid game, but that to me makes the need for low cost resilient creatures even more valuable. I think marked man fits the token theme, but doesn't do much early game so maybe Aldmeri would be a good replacement.

I started removing things and adding things and eventually just abandoned the token theme for a more midrangey deck that just wins the board early and controls it after that with the extra value of having removal add to your board and take away from theirs. I am still testing it but it has been much more consistent for me.

Thanks for thinking outside the box and coming up with a cool list to test!

edit: Just ran into you on the ladder and your version did out pace me in the early game. I didn't really hit my early game utility, but that is just an excuse :). That said you didn't really have any trouble dropping Corsair Ship against me and that was my problem while playing your deck. Either I would get out paced and it was just a bad turn 4 play or I just wouldn't get the card when I was ahead after the first 3 turns.
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glenn3e 1 year ago
Lol, I met you on the ladder and we had a merry little mirror match. I've changed my decklist to optimise the decklist. Marked Man should never be in your opening hand, and should be fetched with the Chanter. The extra weak guard actually helps when you are pressed, which is why I added the extra Bruma.
I took this and made a version of it. I used Blood Sorceress instead of Marked man and swapped out a bunch of others based on the cads I actually have. The general theme is the same though. It's fun.
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glenn3e 1 year ago
Thanks for trying my list out. I've changed it a bit to include Soul Splits for more 2 drop actions and Telvanni to even the 3 drops a bit in case I run out of them.
ReiEnn 1 year ago its message for autor of this deck, try this, so fun))
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glenn3e 1 year ago
Looks good, will try when I have time.
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