Road to Legend with Control Warrior

By: Genjei
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Up to date (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 14950crystal
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Hello guys,

Got Legend recently with this deck. Started playing at Rank 3, went to Rank 1 really fast, then Legend with a day of hard work. Changed it a lot of times since the first iteration until I found the current version pretty satisfying. So, let's talk about the gameplan first, then the cards.


At first I tried the more midrange versions of this deck but I didn't find them to suit my style of play. So I decided to try out some more ramp with the tree minders and the venomtongues so in the lategame I could have like 15 mana or more to play a big creature + unstoppable rage, which is a deadly combination that can win games out of nowhere. There is no reason to rush opponents and give them free cards from runes. This deck has strong individual cards + insane combos that make you want to drag out the game until you have an insurmountable advantage over your opponent, then close out the game.


Dragontail Savior, Protector of the Innocent, Wind Keep Spellsword: These are your early creatures, mulligan any card that isn't one of these three, you really need at least one of them to trade in the first turns of the game so you don't fall behind a lot.

The Night Mother: This card is insane. First of all, it enables for free your slay abilities. Then, if that wasn't enough, if you get to kill 20 creatures you get to almost win the game, which isn't very hard as a control deck, especially versus decks that use a lot of tokens.

Morkul Gatekeeper, Dark Guardian, Tree Minder: All the threedrops have taunt so they can absorb some damage from your face early game. Tree Minder isn't strong but the ramp is most of the times very important.

Quicksilver Crossbow: Good card, insane if your creature has lethal. Can sometimes let you activate slay abilities if you ping something with 1 health.

Archein Venomtongue, Lucien Lachance: These are your fourdrops with lethal. They seem to love wielding crossbows :P

Little girl, Preserver of the Root: Generic creatures that help with managing your lifetotal using drain and guard abilities.

Fell the Mighty: Very good removal, can kill a lot of troublesome creatures. Never leave home without it.

Falkenreath Defiler: Stats are a bit weak for a fourdrop but his slay ability more than makes up for it. The fact that you get to choose which creature to return is crazy. When used with unstoppable rage in the right time, the results are devastating.

Earthbone Spinner, Shadowfen Priest: These are your silencers. They deal with anything pesky and annoying. Getting to break supports with priest is also invaluable. Most of the time though I used them to break an enemy creature out of shroud so I could kill it with an attacker and preserve my life total.

Sower of Revenge: Taunt + good stats on a fivedrop that can beat your opponent really fast, although not necessarily.

Cicero the Betrayer: An advantage engine that goes bonkers with The Night Mother. Careful not to overdraw with him.

Belligerent Giant, Vigilant Giant: Good creatures that can end games when their breakthrough is combined with unstoppable rage in a lane full of small creatures.

Blood Magic Lord: A terrifying force on his own, when combined with the rest of the synergies in this deck he becomes a game finisher.

Odahviing: Because sometimes all you need is good ol' Odahviing.

Unstoppable Force: Best card in the deck, nothing would be possible without it.

Anyways, thanks for reading and don't forget to vote. If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

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vanish2k 1 week ago
I don't have Lucien Lachance and Preserver of the Root cards, what can you advise to add instead of them? Myself I've added Restless Templar and Night Shadow, thinking about plus 1xLittle Girl.
Also took Iron Atronach and Dremora Markynaz for Odahviing and another card i don't own.
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Genjei 1 week ago
I tried Night Shadow but it didn't work very well for me, most of the time it was getting bounced by Belligerent Giant and I was losing a lot of tempo. Preserver of the Root was an important card for defense so I am not sure the deck can perform well without them. Maybe another one or two Little Girl could help you stay alive. Instead of Lucien you can try a third Archein Venomtongue.
Odahviing wasn't really important so I guess you could replace him with Iron Atronach which could work well with unstoppable rage.
On the other hand, I believe Dremora Markynaz costs a lot of mana for what he provides. Try a third dragontail savior in its place so you can have some more early game since you don't have Preserver of the Root.
Anyways, have fun and enjoy the deck and its absurd plays :)
vanish2k 1 week ago
The good thing is that I've got atleast 1xPreserver of the Root to help me. As for Lucien - i've taken Archein Elite instead, so it won't be easy target for Execute and Lightning Bolt as Venomtongue.
Otherwise this deck is Freaking Nuts to play with! :D
SzotyMAG 1 week ago
REALLY a lot of fun to play this deck. I use another Venomtongue instead of Lucien because I don't have Lucien
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Febius 5 days ago
Rapid shot is an absurd card, you have to find the slots for the full set in the deck.
Nightmother is not bad but it should be indestructible to have any chance to complete the quest.
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Raginin 3 days ago
But it's not about completing the Quest, it's about triggering combos with some slay creature.
Barnicskó L... 1 day ago
I slammed down iron atronach to stay alive with like 11 hp, my opponent flood the board with thieves guild recruit, hive defender etc. Sower or revenge in the same lane + unstoppable rage dealt 37 dmg to my opponents face. I bursted out laughing, I honestly thought it was over for me. Kids, never get in a stranger's car and always play around unstoppable rage.
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