Greed Scout

By: Warriors7
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 7 months ago
Outdated (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 18750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Ramp scout received a huge buff with the expansion. This is a super greedy version that worked well in the greed infested meta (and if fact does not get punished by aggro that often). I would add cut 1/2 baroness for guardian if the aggro turns more aggro and add in the 3rd windkeep (maybe werebat/snaketooth). Brotherhood slayer rewards greed since its a prophecy and allows you to ramp, guardian shuts down aggro by itself, snake and pet buys you turns. Snake is the MVP against atro decks, but sadly isnt a good answer for an atro follow up.

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romg117 8 months ago
Let me just list the questions here:

1. Is Astrid really worth it in this deck? I don't even feel like she's really storng in my deck with 3 Sanctuaries...

2. Shadow Shift is insanely important when you finally manage to get that BML to stick on the board, but otherwise - what do you use it for in this deck? I often feel even in my slay heavy deck that the Shifts are lying dead in my hand, and I would just use that 1 magicka to cycle a card.

3. Only two Tree Minders - why?!

4. This is probably a meta-question... I haven't crafted Tazkad yet, but so far in theory, it looks like a great card for its price, that sadly doesn't fit at all into the deck (I play the deck almost exclusively as control, waiting to get lethal)?
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Warriors7 8 months ago
1. Astrid is a solid card by herself. She fights the board well and contract helps you ramp. Cute synergy with pet and FGR.

2. Shift is super solid with lethal/switching lanes for guards. Even if the effect has no value, it is super efficient cycle at the very least.

3. Tree Minder is only used for ramp, otherwise it is card disadvantage. Scout couldn't fight the early board well and Tree Minder doesn't help with that, but now it has pet and brotherhood slayer to fight the board and slayer does the same as tree minder - ramp. Also I made this deck during a very greedy meta, and Tree Minder is a bad card versus control.

4. You don't need TazKad, but he is good at field lane removal and insane versus control. Scout has a natural tendency to lose board control very quickly, but has many big hitters. Against midrange, if I have big minions sticking and I can't run them out of resources, I start hitting face and force them to be reactive. I have giant snake, bramman, guards to help me race, and TazKad just provides that 6 points of reach to kill the game.

The deck is probably too greedy against midrange/aggro decks, and would need to adjust to play against those decks. As I mentioned before, it worked perfectly right after the expansion when everyone was playing greedy monk/control lists. This functions more as a big midrange which has the ability to start smashing face midgame with big guards/threats and race with snake. Adding vipers/witches/blow for some late game like BML or TazKAd would make this deck much more reactive and probably better against midrange/aggro. I've cut night shadow and girl for 2 more guardians, but haven't really played ramp scout recently. You just need to adjust it to what you see on ladder. If you have anymore questions, I'll try to help, but I've been focusing on control mage these past few weeks :D
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