Mana Curve

0 6 6 8 9 7 6 8

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 15
Guard 6
Last Gasp 3
Ward 3
Rally 0
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Slay 0
Plot 0
Lethal 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Charge 0
Drain 0
Assemble 0
Exalt 0
Pilfer 0


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Blackfall's Nahkriin Control - May 2017

By: Blackfall
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 16400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
If you don't like this list, I have a more classic Mage Control list : Click here!

UPDATE 16/05: The metagame in the top #5 is very slow right now, so I made the following changes to the list: -2 Vicious Dreugh, -3 Bruma Profiteer, -3 Camlorn Sentinel. +2 Brilliant Experiment, +3 Cunning Ally, +3 High Rock Summoner. If you're playing in a fast metagame, I wouldn't recommend making those changes.

Hey everyone!

Quickly, for those who don’t know me, I am known for playing exclusively Control and popularizing Mage Control since back in the early days of the game. I try my best every season to climb all the way to the top by only playing Control, no matter the colors I choose to play.

Now, let’s talk about the deck !


Control Mage has been a staple in this game’s metagame since the very beginning. The general archetype really got hurt after several nerfs to the following cards: Mantikora, Nahkriin, Healing Potion, Pillaging Tribune, Elusive Schemer & Brilliant Experiment. However, Control Mage always found a way to be amongst the top tier decks. Why? Because Intelligence (Blue) and Willpower (Yellow), when combined, provide you tools to effictively deal with almost any situation you might encounter on the ladder.

Before we get into it I would like to explain, for those who never played Magic: The Gathering, what is the difference between two opposing types of control decks: “Draw-go” Control & “Tap-out” Control. If you consider playing a lot of Control decks, it is important to understand those terms.

With a “Draw-go” Control deck, it’s all about being reactive as much as possible. In MTG, it means playing cards during your opponent’s turn, while keeping your ressources during your turn. In TESL, it means playing an increased number of prophecies (15+) compared to other decks, and answering the board on your turn, generally with cards from your hand.

With a “Tap-out” Control deck, it’s all about being proactive as much as possible. In MTG, it means playing cards and answering the board mostly during your own turn. In TESL, it means playing a more creature heavy deck, playing on curve (very important) and controlling the board with what you have in play.

For example, this deck would be a “Draw-go” Control (18 prophecies, lot of actions, lot of card draw), whereas TurquoiseLink’s Monk deck would be a “Tap-out” Control (creature heavy, less prophecies, can easily curve out).

Card choices (not the obvious ones):

First of all, as you can see, this decklist doesn’t contain any Supreme Atromancer. I never liked it in a Mage Control shell, simply because it doesn’t really control anything: it’s just a powerhouse that you drop whenever you feel safe enough to do it. I jumped on the “Atromancer is busted” train without really thinking about it. After several hundred games, I now realize that I win more games not because I played Atromancers during the game, but because I managed to answer every threats. Atromancers were just there to put the last nail in the coffin.

Bruma Profiteer: Switched the Wardcrafters for them. During the climb to Legend, I faced many aggro decks, and even though Wardcrafters do ok against aggro, I felt the need to have more healing. Serious options? Pillaging Tribune, Bruma Profiteer, Healing Potion and Dawnstar Healer. Tribunes are too slow against aggro, and too clunky in your hand if you don’t have the board control. Healing Potions are just not worth it if you don’t try to combo them with the Shimerenne Peddlers. Dawnstar Healers just don’t work well with a “Draw-go” control deck (whereas they shine with a “Tap-out” control deck). So Bruma Profiteer it is! Also, a 3/2 for 2 magicka trades very well against current agro decks.

Camlorn Sentinel: Since we removed 3 Atromancers, and 3 Wardcrafters for 3 Bruma Profiteers, the chance that our Cunning Allies would hit were much, much lower (understand, not good enough to justify playing them). This is why the Camlorns are in the list. On top of that, his stats do well enough against aggro.

Camlorn Sentinel is good in a “Draw-go” control deck because you can play him as a prophecy during your opponent’s turn, whereas Cunning Ally is good in a “Tap-out” control deck because you have to play her on your turn, and the Firebolt you get from her if she hits.

Vicious Dreugh: The only reason they are in my list at the moment is because I face a lot of Scout and Warrior Ramp decks. Mage loses really hard to Hist Groves, and I felt the need to have an answer for them. This decklist is effectively a 48-cards deck, and the last 2 cards can be anything you want. Metagame is very aggressive? -2 Vicious Dreugh, +2 Crushing Blow. Metagame is very, very slow? -2 Vicious Dreugh, +2 Brilliant Experiment. Those last 2 cards have to change with the metagame, keep adapting your list (the metagame changes almost every day).

Fate Weaver: Elusive Schemer is not enough as a draw engine. Enter Fate Weavers. I don’t think I would consider removing them for the infamous Senche-Tigers: we need to draw cards, and a lot of them.

Fate Weaver is particularly good in a “Draw-go” control deck because you can play her as a prophecy during your opponent’s turn and draw a card off her, whereas Senche-Tiger is good in a “Tap-out” control deck because it is a good body to play on turn 6, effectively spending all your magicka and staying on curve.

Nahkriin, Dragon Priest: Nahkriin, my old friend. So let me be clear: this card is obviously MUCH LESS stronger than it used to be (10 magicka, 5/5, next card you PLAY cost 0). However, it now costs one less magicka, and still draws you a card. If you hit a Mantikora, Miraak, Odahviing, Dawn’s wrath or any other valuable card, it could be game changing. Now, playing a card for free is “almost” (big emphasis on “almost”) like playing it as a prophecy. Playing a card for free during your turn doesn’t cost you magicka (duh), meaning you possibly have the option to answer whatever is on the board for free (which is “almost” like playing a card as a prophecy).

This is why Nahkriin is in this list: another “Draw-go” tool, and another card that makes you draw, whereas Supreme Atromancer is really good in a “Tap-out” control deck because it is very powerful to drop on turn 9, effectively spending all your magicka and staying on curve.

In conclusion, this deck is much harder to play than the classic Mage Control deck with Atromancers. Playing this deck means you understand that your life pool is also a ressource that you need to know how to use properly (knowing when to kill something, knowing when it's ok to let an attack go through, etc.)
But it surely is a blast to play, and much less boring than the other Mages control decks. Overall, during my climb from rank 5 to Legend, I went 32-5 (91.4% winrate). I almost never faced a Sorcerer deck, which is imo the worst match-up for this deck (or for me, I don’t know).

Feel free to ask me any question, I’ll be glad to answer them ;)

See you guys on the ladder!

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Thank you very much for sharing the deck. I use the "Mage control" since the beta and everything thanks to your decks, i think are fantastics.
1 Reply
Thanks, I'm glad you're having fun with it ! ;)
RunaroundMan 1 year ago
This plays more easier than "hard" version with supreme, theyre good but they makes overdrive. Tnx for sharing. I love your decks
1 Reply
No problem, thanks !
R0V3RT 1 year ago
Nice setup for the current meta, I like the vicious dreughs Support cards were getting annoying with the other atromancer deck, Im still feeling it out it seems pretty well proportioned and very fun! Thanks for an alternate control mage! They are my favorite
1 Reply
As I say in the guide, the 2 Vicious Dreughs can be anything, If I stop facing so many Hist groves, I will swap them for Brilliant Experiments.
The best thing about this is the write up. So many decks are submitted with absolutely no explanation and are thus therefore pretty rubbish. Top marks sir.
1 Reply
Thank you, sir! :)
indy101 1 year ago
Thank you sir. Both decks are my main plays and I enjoy them a lot!

Can you go lightly into mulligans and which cards are kept / dropped at the start mainly?
1 Reply
I plan to add the mulligans to the guide, but it takes time. I'm also waiting a bit to see if the metagame will stabilize, which would make my work much easier.
sorh 1 year ago
Thanks man, i revisited my old prophecy mage when i saw this decklist and i must say nahkriin is doin far better than i expected. Keep up the good work.
1 Reply
Thanks, I'm glad Nahkriin is once again part of the meta! :)
I would be shocked if this can consistently win vs all of the aggro currently. Since DB the aggro is completely out of the control. I'm not seeing anything right now that is not aggro consistently win unless it has enough 1-3 cost to counter early until mid-late game.
1 Reply
Blackfall 1 year ago
I guess it depends on which level you play. In top #10 Legend, almost everyone is playing some sort of midrange/control decks, because it's much more consistent than agro. Also, my winrate vs agro decks has been very high since the deck runs a lot of prophecies, burns and board wipes.
Really like the deck idea. Can't completely test it myself since i am missing out on Nahkriin and sadly did spent all my souls tones a day ago. But since i'm usually a big fan of control decks in any TCG i will give this a try as well, even if i have to swap out Nahkriin for something else until i get him.
I am thankful for the long text as well, since it explained a lot of things to me and made it easier for me to fully understand the deck (still pretty new to TCG's, especially ESL in general)

Keep up the good work!
1 Reply
I'm glad my guide served you well ;) Hope you're having as much fun as I have with it ! :)
Blackfall wrote:
I'm glad my guide served you well ;) Hope you're having as much fun as I have with it ! :)
Thank you. And yes, i enjoy it a lot so far, not even sure if i wanna get Nahkriin or not, but its a lot of fun anyways, gonna give it a longer try on the weekend now.
You´re a bad mannered donkey and your decks are a pile of trash, git gud scrub!
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