Mana Curve

9 12 5 12 6 6 0 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Charge 12
Guard 3
Breakthrough 3
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Prophecy 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Ward 0
Plot 0
Slay 0
Lethal 0
Drain 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Last Gasp 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0


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Miracle OTK Battlemage

By: GideonAI
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 5600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Miracle OTK Battlemage is a deck that revolves around 3 powerful components: First, cards that become insanely powerful when you put a large amount of Items on them; Second, very cheap (mostly 0 or 1-cost) Items that enable you to "cheat" Magicka and equip a huge volume of Items onto your creatures; and Third, select few Chargers that defend against aggression in the early game while finishing your opponent in the late game.

The "Miracle" (old school MTG terminology, sorry) is when you use Alik'r Survivalist or Dragonstar Rider in combination with 3+ Items in one turn to draw a bunch of cards and/or buff a single creature's attack sky-high. The "OTK" (short for One-Turn-Kill) is when you drop an opponent from 26+ health in one turn, and is typified by the use of Nord Firebrands and Supports. Naturally these two elements synergize with each other, as the Miracle can either put an opponent low enough to be "cleaned up" by Charge creatures or draw into your OTK combo pieces, while the Chargers can clear the board for your Auctioneers/Questing Adventurers or make use of your cheap Items for a final burst of damage.

You usually don't want to go face beyond 26 health early on unless your opponent has a slow start and you have a fast one. One other case is when your opponent's hand is filling up and the amount of cards they draw has little or no impact on the game.

Against Aggro, you want to be very aggressive in clearing enemy minions and very careful when going face. All you need is time to play out your Supports and Survivalists/Riders, as they will draw your cards for you. However, sometimes you will need to make a big gamble in order to set up a 2-turn kill, which risks dying to Prophecy creatures or burn. This deck has no healing and no Prophecies of its own.

Midrange is actually harder to beat than Aggro, as your Charge creatures are inefficient and are really only good for killing smaller, less tough creatures. If you can survive to turn 5 or so without taking more than 10 health, you should be in business, just try to make every card count and not fall behind on tempo.

Control is very easy. Don't walk into Unstoppable Rages (Vigilante helps with that quite a bit). You probably won't need Alik'r in this matchup as he isn't going to survive much, but Rider is MVP - save him until you can get at least 4 draws off him (unless you're getting rushed). You will probably be looking to OTK with Firebrands, so try to overshoot their healthpool and/or save a Bone Bow to deal with Prophecy heals and/or Guards (if you have the luxury).

Generally ditch Items unless you are holding a Rihad Battlemage against Aggro or Dragonstar Rider against Control.

Aggro: Look for Crown Quartermaster, Rapid shot, Skilled Blacksmith, Battlerage Orc, Raiding Party, and Rihad Battlemage.

Midrange: Look for Crown Quartermaster, Northwind Outpost, Raiding Party, Corsair Ship, Daggerfall Mage, and Rihad Battlemage.

Control: Look for Corsair Ship, Dragonstar Rider, Daggerfall Mage and Raiding Party.


Improvised Weapon:
Highly versatile, gives Rihad Battlemage +1/+4 and Guard, gives Alik'r Survivalist +2/+2 and Breakthrough, or gives Dragonstar Rider +1/+1 and draws a card - all for just 0 Magicka! It can also just be slapped on a Firebrand for finishing damage, and the Breakthrough is often relevant for dealing lethal damage through Guards.

Daggers in the Dark:
Very awesome card, rewards smart positioning across the board. Can be used as a worse Improvised Weapon to do things like activate Item synergies but can also be used as a 0-cost deal 2 damage, which is very nice. Maximum value is with double Dragonstars in both lanes, drawing 2 cards and +2/+0 for 0 Magicka.

Nord Firebrand:
Synergizes with Northwind Outpost and Corsair Ship to be extremely efficient damage-per-Magicka-spent. Can be used as some of the best removal in the game and/or as a carrier for unused Items.

Crown Quartermaster:
The body is often irrelevant, but can be used for basic policing of the early game. You really just want the Item, as even though it is very bad (compared to Iron Sword, it's 3 or 4 times worse) this deck needs as many cheap Items it can get its hands on (except for Maple Shield). The Dagger is also extremely useful in tandem with Skilled Blacksmith, reducing it's cost to 0.

Rapid Shot:
Core card in any non-face Aggro list. Use it to kill early 1hp creatures or combine with trades to remove stuff, but if you need to draw cards feel free to just dump it out without caring about the damage. Sometimes, if you are expecting your opponent to use an Execute or Silence against a Daggerfall Mage, you can use it to guarantee the Tome of Alteration.

Steel Scimitar:
This card is great stats for using with any creature to pull off value trades, and is the only 1-cost Item you can put in a deck. As with all other Items, gives great reach for the cost.

Bone Bow:
This card is not good on its own, but Silence is crucial for halting powerful enemy effects/Items or busting through enemy Guards. The reason we run this and not Earthbone Spinner is because you often don't have enough Magicka to play the Spinner, while it synergizes with half the creatures in the deck.

Northwind Outpost:
Stupidly powerful card when used with Charge creatures, of which this deck runs 15. It also bumps up your Alik'r Survivalist and Rihad Battlemage a bit.

Skilled Blacksmith:
Big-time combo and tempo card. You can use him early game to fight for board, but often you want to wait to drop him either the same turn you drop a big combo or the turn before. So if you're looking to drop Dragonstar Rider on 5, you can drop this guy on 4 and he probably won't be answered on your opponent's turn.

Battlerage Orc:
This card is not very good on its own, but at least vanilla he's good against most Aggro earlygame. When you power him up with Outposts and Corsair Ships though, he gradually becomes insanely powerful. 1 Support and he's a Crushing Blow on wheels. 2 Supports and he's a Lightning Bolt for 3.

Daggerfall Mage:
Solid card all around, helps you draw into your combos and fight for board while providing a synergistic-yet-pricy Item in the form of Tome. Just be careful about overdrawing with this one as it replaces itself twice for 7 Magicka.

Raiding Party:
"If I draw Raiding Party, I win" is a common phrase when piloting this deck. Very powerful card, go up and reread the Nord Firebrand description again if you need convincing of running this. Unfortunately, Raiding Party tells your opponent exactly what you are planning to do while filling up your hand (which is bad due to overdraws). This means you can use it tactically, e.g. against Control I often hold it in hand despite having enough Magicka to play it because it takes up one less slot that way while concealing my intentions.

Rihad Battlemage:
We run this to fight against Aggro, who usually keel over and die to it. Even without an Item to buff it with, it is still decent as a 3/3 and may even get out a premature Silence or Destroy effect in which case you wouldn't want the Item on there anyway.

Corsair Ship:
This card ties together the two aspects of this deck superbly - gives Chargers +1 attack (which is vital for OTKing) and activates your Battlemages, Survivalists, and Riders as soon as they hit the floor. Only play it when you have a moment to spare, because even though it's tempting to drop it when you hit turn 4 for maximum value, that kind of move can lose you the game in a faster matchup.

Alik'r Survivalist:
Bread. You drop this guy and let your opponent use their hard removal or Shackles or Silences. There isn't much you can do about that outside of running Withered Hand, Dres Renegade, or Keeper of Secrets, and he gives you an Iron Dagger anyway. Rarely you may want to drop him with an Item so that he doesn't die to Lightning bolt, if you have Corsair Ship up then that will happen automatically. However, sometimes your opponent won't have a counter to him - that's when you can go to town. 4 0-costs will make this guy an 11 attack, and you'll probably have a few Iron Daggers which each give +2. The question then remains of timing. You usually won't have enough damage with Items to get beyond 20hp, so if you hit face you may hit a barrage of Prophecies or refill your opponent enough to kill you. However, if your opponent has no Drain creatures in his deck it is usually safe to pull the trigger, as they probably won't be healing up that health. If your opponent's hand is full or near full, you will burn many of their cards and that is usually a good strategy as well. It is also good if you absolutely need to 2-turn kill your opponent. If you have lethal, you always go for it. Don't forget that Improvised Weapon gives Breakthrough!

Dragonstar Rider:
Butter. You only want to play this guy if you can draw 2 or more cards right away. Sometimes you'll be being pressured by Aggro and have to play whatever you have, sometimes you'll be holding all 3 copies of Rider and then it makes sense to drop whatever you have, but most of the time you'll only have one. I usually keep one if I get it in my opening hand (unless it's Aggro) because it is just so valuable in this deck. If it actually sticks on board and you get the opportunity to strike face for 10+, follow the instructions for Alik'r as the same stuff applies for the most part. Although, with Alik'r your final damage output is limited by what cards are in your hand, and technically Dragonstar can just keep going until there are no more Items in your deck!

Underworld Vigilante:
The ultimate "Surprise!" card. What most people called the "Red Lightning Bolt" can actually deal 5 (Night Shadow), 6 (Hive Defender), 7, or even 8 damage with just a few Supports out. And that's without Items! However, unlike Battlerage Orc who will remain on the board after trading against weaker minions, the Vigilante will never survive a trade. Despite this, it can still be used to open up value trades with your other minions and then go on to just slam face.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. Good luck and have fun!

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I love your decks, they are always fun to play. Still use the warrior deck sometimes.
No merric? All the synergy!
1 Reply
GideonAI 1 year ago
I don't see the positive synergy in Merric, he's so prohibitively costed and random (will I get 4 Heirloom Greatswords or Imperial Armors?). He only gives one Item per drop, and because you can't rely on Alik'r or Dragonstar Rider to stay alive for even a single turn, it doesn't seem worth it at all. It's kind of like a worse Plunder in this list.

Now, if you try him out in your own variant and he brings up your winrate, please let me know. It's easy to dismiss things in brainstorming.
Awesome deck.
Nekrid 7 months ago
Hello again! I am being a real pain :D. Could u upload another video with this deck? Is is very interesting, but I haven't got enought cards to play it actually. Another thing xD: What about using the Mentor's Ring with the Firebrands and the Dragonstar Rider/Alik'r? I watched your video, and I saw that u had the arcane enchanter, but u ended eliminating them. With this, u can reach the "charge" effect that u had with the arcane enchanter. Would it be too slow? I was going to replace vigilantes with them. Thanks man and sorry for all the questions xD
1 Reply
GideonAI 7 months ago
Well first off, thanks a lot for commenting! I appreciate all discussion or questions about these decks greatly. Also, this deck is actually not the deck I put a video of, it still relies on Arcane Enchanters and you can find it here:

I do plan on making a video soon covering this list in particular, and I have thought about Mentor's Ring in the past. It sounds like a neat trick, but maybe only one or two copies to avoid bricking the hand. I also don't have any copies and no dust left, so I can't test them at the moment, but maybe I'll get them soon.
Nekrid 7 months ago
Actually I am Necrid10, the comment :D. Your channel is reall cool, and I think that is better to put down the decks on that way, because we can see how it works in game, and the matchups. Your comments and your guide here helps a lot too, but I think that the videos are really helpful. About my commentary, I was talking about the deck of the video, sorry for my mistake xD. See you soon!
Raen1144 1 month ago
Nice cheese. What a joke.
This is a perfect example of why this site is a tumor in the brain for ESL.

I'd compliment you on your synergy here, at the least, but a braindead monkey with epilepsy could do well with this cheese strategy..... and that's exactly the type that's been drawn in with this site.

Lemmings with exclusively copy-paste and mild literacy skills (at best), winning matches because of BS cheese like this being readily available.
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