Mana Curve

6 9 12 14 5 4 0 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Charge 7
Prophecy 3
Pilfer 3
Guard 2
Last Gasp 2
Rally 0
Slay 0
Ward 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Regenerate 0
Lethal 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Drain 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0


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OTK - The Nord Revolt

By: Hemzel
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Posted: 11 months ago
Outdated (DarkBrotherhood patch)
Crafting Cost: 5500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
______________________________________ ENGLISH

What is the OBJETIVE?

This is an aggressive deck, which is based on a combo: collect as much Nord Firebrand as possible in your hand. Not only that, you should also have all copies of Northwind Outpost to be able to increase combo damage.

You have so many cards that facilitate this task, that doing so is simply a child's play. The real problem is trying to get those cards that play a role as damage enhancers.

You must have the necessary copies of:

- Northwind Outpost.
- Orc Clan Captain.

With a hand without luck, you should have at turn 5 the ability to do at least 12 damage in a single combo. We're talking about not having any luck! It has happened to me, in more or less, 7% of the games. The rest of games, I can do in turn 5, more than 20 damage.

The goal of using the Goblin Skulk.

This card is wonderful. Not only does it allow you to draw a card, each time you attack your opponent, it also allows you to draw the exact cards you need for the combo. It's perfect!

Protecting the Goblin Skulk.

You must protect this creature as long as possible. The easiest way is to use a Shadow Shift whenever you want to trade the card. This is interesting for two reasons: it will give you a random card draw ... while securing a combo card draw.

Other ways to protect it are even better known:

- Rapid Shot.
- Some damage card that makes combo with the Finish Off.

The Swindler's Market.

Playing a copy of this card, at the right time, ensures you increase at least 6 damage the combo you make. There is no argument: in many cases, you will need that damage.

I also saved myself from mortal damage, just by having this card active when playing the combo. In one game I had 3 health and had in my hand a total of 24 damage. The opponent still had four runes to activate and was a Control Mage. Know that means? Yes, the Lightning Bolt.

Well, at the time of playing the combo I got to have 9 lives, before the opponent sent his two Lightning Bolts to my face, thanks to two lucky runes. For me there is no discussion, it should be used yes or yes.

What is the sense of having the Merchant's Camel?

Simple: Look for the specific card you need to win.

For what more you want: do not go to use the Camel for draw cards, if you still lack pieces of the combo. This card serves only to find that little detail that you need to win.

In most cases I use it to search for a Raiding Party or some damage enhancer, such as an Orc Clan Captain or a Northwind Outpost.

The other cards:

All are additional removals or, well, more draw cards. There is not much more to point out, except my recommendation with the Earthbone Spinner, is to save it until the end to eliminate guardians.

In many cases, I always try to have a removal handy, which can remove guardians who enter with prophecy. I recommend it, in some cases you will avoid problems.

What is an initial hand?

I always look for at least one Goblin Skulk. If necessary, I replace the whole hand to look for it. It makes it much easier to get the combo.

Of the other cards you do not have to worry: the curve of the deck is very fast and relatively always you will have some form of play or draw cards that you need.

This is a deck that, especially, I love.

Any recommendations, please, I am open to any comments.


¿Cuál es el objetivo?

Este es un mazo agresivo, que se basa en lograr un combo: reunir la mayor cantidad de Nord Firebrand posible en tu mano. No sólo eso, también debes de tener todas las copias de Northwind Outpost para poder aumentar el daño lo mejor posible.

Hacerlo es relativamente fácil: tienes muchísimas cartas que te facilitan esta tarea. De lo que deberías preocuparte, es de conseguir aquellas cartas claves que aumentarán significativamente tu daño.

Debes de tener las copias necesarias de:

- Northwind Outpost.
- Orc Clan Captain.

Sin tener mucha suerte, deberías poder lograr en el turno 5 la capacidad de hacer, por lo menos, 12 de daño en un mismo combo. ¡Estamos hablando de no tener nada de suerte! Me ha pasado en, más o menos, el 7% de los enfrentamientos. El resto de partidas, puedo hacer en turno 5 o 6, más de 20 de daño.

El objetivo de usar el Goblin Skulk.

Esta carta es maravillosa. No sólo te permite robar una carta, cada vez que atacas a tu oponente, sino que además te permite robar las cartas exactas que necesitas para el combo. ¡Es perfecta!

Protegiendo al Goblin Skulk.

Debes proteger a esta criatura el mayor tiempo posible. La forma más fácil es utilizando un Shadow Shift cada vez que quieran tradear la carta. Esto es interesante por dos razones: te dará un robo de carta aleatorio... mientras aseguras un robo de carta de combo.

Otras maneras de protegerlo son aún más conocidas:

- Rapid Shot.
- Alguna carta de daño que haga combo con el Finish Off.

El Swindler's Market.

Jugar una copia de esta carta, en el tiempo adecuado, te garantiza aumentar, por lo menos, 6 daños el combo que realizarás. No hay discusión: en muchos casos, vas a necesitar ese daño.

También me he salvado de un daño mortal, sólo por tener esta carta activa al jugar el combo. En un juego tenía 4 de salud y tenía en mi mano un total de 24 daños. El oponente tenía todavía cuatro runas por activar y era un Control Mage. ¿Sabes qué significa? Sí, el Lightning Bolt.

Pues, al momento de jugar el combo llegué a tener 10 vidas, antes de que el oponente lanzara sus dos Lightning Bolt a mi cara, gracias a dos runas con suerte. Para mí no hay discusión, se debe usar sí o sí.

¿Cuál es el sentido de tener el Merchant's Camel?

Simple: buscar la carta específica que necesitas para ganar.

Por lo que más quieras: no vayas a utilizar el Camel para robar cartas, si aún te faltan piezas del combo. Esta carta sirve exclusivamente para buscar ese pequeño detalle que te falta para ganar.

En la mayoría de los casos la utilizo para buscar un Raiding Party o algún aumentador de daño, como un Orc Clan Captain o un Northwind Outpost.

El resto de cartas:

Todas son removals adicionales o, bien, más robo de cartas. No hay mucho más para señalar, salvo que mi recomendación con el Earthbone Spinner, es que lo guardes hasta el final para poder eliminar Guards.

En muchos casos, intento siempre tener en mano un removal, que pueda quitar Guards que entren con profecía. Te lo recomiendo, en algunos casos te evitará problemas.

¿Cuál es una mano inicial?

Yo siempre busco tener, por lo menos, un Goblin Skulk. Si es necesario, reemplazo toda la mano para buscarlo. Facilita mucho el camino para conseguir el combo.

De las otras cartas no te debes preocupar: la curva del mazo es muy rápida y relativamente siempre tendrás alguna forma de jugar o robar cartas que necesites.

Este mazo, especialmente, me encanta.

Cualquier recomendación, por favor, estoy abierto a cualquier comentario.

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cashmir 11 months ago
this is a solid deck, man.
1 Reply
Hemzel 11 months ago
Thank you so much Cashmir for your comment! Do you try it already? What's the result you got?
Have you considered Knife to the Throat instead of Earth Bone Spinner? It might not be as versatile but deals with guards and also draws you a card.
1 Reply
Hemzel 11 months ago
You know? I am currently using this strategy. And yes, I like the draw cards more than the table presence. They both work very well. Have you tried it? What result did you achieve?
cashmir 11 months ago
Hemzel wrote:
Thank you so much Cashmir for your comment! Do you try it already? What's the result you got?
I have tried it. made a little mod though, but still works. I exchanged one Northwind Outpost for Hidden Trail - gives +1 pwr for all mobs and shadow lane. Also, I think I'm gonna cut Leaflurker to 1 in exchange for Earthbone Spinner. looks like a more flexible deck this way.
but as always in this game - shuffling is bitch ;),
I like fast decks, no stairway to heaven waiting to cast that 10-mana monster when you've already lost ;)
check out my offer here
1 Reply
Hemzel 11 months ago
I constantly make modifications, depending on what I find in rankeds. For example I am using Knife to the Throat, instead of Earth Bone Spinner, to continue the draw cards and I have achieved much more aggressive results. The idea is in the oven, it is up to everyone to modify it to their liking. I'm going to try the modifications you tell me. Thanks again for believing in the deck!
barnicskolaci 11 months ago
Hemzel wrote:
You know? I am currently using this strategy. And yes, I like the draw cards more than the table presence. They both work very well. Have you tried it? What result did you achieve?
In general I've found that it helps you a lot, but this way I did not do enough early dmg for the combo to work so I will need to change my gameplan to play more aggressive early and then cast my supports and raiding parties.
1 Reply
Hemzel 11 months ago
The secret is Face haha. Good luck with the rankeds!
Vern_S 11 months ago
Having a lot of fun with this deck. Knife to Throat instead of Earth Bone Spinner which I do not have. I win 2 out of 3 games so far. As long as I can get a couple supports out it's usually all good from there.
1 Reply
Hemzel 11 months ago
I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Thanks for giving the deck a try!
Vern_S 11 months ago
Ok, all I had was a Swindlers Market and a Skaven Pyromancer out on the board, with 3 Nords, one raiding party and 3 close calls and a knife to the throat in my hand and 4 health with the opposing player having numerous creatures ready to pounce but no guards and 20 health.. You almost can't play that many cards in a turn. I was hustling to beat the clock and barley got a "Good Game' in after the final blow with the Pyromancer. I have had such fun with this deck. Wish I could see the expression on the other players face while all these Nords are filing out and there health dropping like a rock..

Great deck. Lovin it!!!
1 Reply
Hemzel 11 months ago
It is something that I am very excited to know that these stories are being built with this deck! Thanks for comment!
Sinnistar 11 months ago
What about intimidate over earthbone spinner?
1 Reply
I would say no to intimidate, because it only undoes guard, which makes it lower value as compared to Earthbone Spinner (body on board/silence) or Knife to Throat (silence/card draw)
mfalcon 11 months ago
I know that you prefer Goblin Skulk for the initial hand. Is there anything else you keep?
Hey Man
This is very nice list. I made Rank 1 with it.
At first I was surprised you run only 1 Bannerman but after playing it a little I agree with that number.
Very solid deckbuilding.
Considering the cost/performance ratio, this might very well be the best deck in the game right now.
Thanks for posting.
Bdrg Swz 10 months ago
rng based fuck
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