New Expansion Announced: Isle of Madness


New Expansion Announced: Isle of Madness

By: Ashmore 11 months ago

Isle of Madness
The next expansion: Isle of Madness was just announced at QuakeCon and this will be a Story expansion.
We only have the name for now.



Oh. My. God. About time
Ceral107 11 months ago
And while I absolutely love the randomness of Sheogorath's realm I really do hope they keep the rng to a minimum. Excited af though!
HalfLIfe2 11 months ago
Fucking finally!! This expansion should've come early July! I really hope it launches before September...
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ephla442 10 months ago
It sadly isn't :(
Sav0s_Aren 11 months ago
I assume there will be a lot of rng which is fun. Perhaps rng sinergies as well. I don't know exactly what I mean with that but something like that could be fun.

Edit: I suppose this will come out at the end of August and the monthly reward will be something from this expansion.
Hermorah 11 months ago
I really want a Maiq the liar card. Common bethesda.
I think they will add Sheo as a card too, and it will change random friendly creature each turn ;D .Also IU think,may be there will be cards wich will random change 1 or even 2 spellwords each turn...
tur faroth 11 months ago
The Elder Scrolls IV, great game.
Rng everywhere as far as the eye can see....
Rellik 11 months ago
this story was made by direwolf, so may be it wont be a fckin hearthstone with all that stupid rng
P.S I see some synergies with Unite incoming
JonAnima 11 months ago
Cannot wait to check this out!
Can't wait!

Hopefully completing Master will also give a cool reward besides a title (like Clockwork City with Alt Art Swims). Alt Art Wabbajack would be really cool.
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Rellik 11 months ago
Maybe even some portrait of Sheo, that would be sooo great
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