New Expansion Announced: Isle of Madness


New Expansion Announced: Isle of Madness

By: Ashmore 1 year ago

Isle of Madness
The next expansion: Isle of Madness was just announced at QuakeCon and this will be a Story expansion.
We only have the name for now.



Oh. My. God. About time
And while I absolutely love the randomness of Sheogorath's realm I really do hope they keep the rng to a minimum. Excited af though!
Fucking finally!! This expansion should've come early July! I really hope it launches before September...
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ephla442 11 months ago
It sadly isn't :(
Sav0s_Aren 1 year ago
I assume there will be a lot of rng which is fun. Perhaps rng sinergies as well. I don't know exactly what I mean with that but something like that could be fun.

Edit: I suppose this will come out at the end of August and the monthly reward will be something from this expansion.
I really want a Maiq the liar card. Common bethesda.
I think they will add Sheo as a card too, and it will change random friendly creature each turn ;D .Also IU think,may be there will be cards wich will random change 1 or even 2 spellwords each turn...
tur faroth 1 year ago
The Elder Scrolls IV, great game.
Rng everywhere as far as the eye can see....
Rellik 1 year ago
this story was made by direwolf, so may be it wont be a fckin hearthstone with all that stupid rng
P.S I see some synergies with Unite incoming
Cannot wait to check this out!
Can't wait!

Hopefully completing Master will also give a cool reward besides a title (like Clockwork City with Alt Art Swims). Alt Art Wabbajack would be really cool.
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Rellik 1 year ago
Maybe even some portrait of Sheo, that would be sooo great
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