New version of Legends coming Tuesday, September 25


New version of Legends coming Tuesday, September 25

By: Ashmore 10 months ago
New Client !

The long-awaited update to the brand new Sparkypants Studios version of Legends is set to arrive Tuesday, September 25.

Here's what it looks like:

And if you want to see it in action:

Updated FAQ

From the official website.

CVH wrote:
Q: What’s included in this rebuilt version of Legends?

A: The entire client has been rebuilt from scratch. For players this means a new user interface, new gameboard, new and improved animations, increased gameplay speed, revamped card frames, new premium card animation and an improved tutorial experience.

For our players on mobile devices, this version also includes a significantly leaner mobile client. In addition to these changes, the update also allows us to deliver updates and changes faster than we’ve ever been able to. This is just the start for Legends!

Q: Will there be any downtime for this transition?

A: Yes. As this is the largest update in Legends’ history, we are estimating a longer-than-usual downtime window of 24 hours for this update starting Monday, September 24 at 12:00pm ET.

During this time, players will be unable to access the game. If anything should cause a change to this estimation, we will update our players via our social channels.

Q: Will I have to download a new client to play Legends?

A: No, but you will have to download an update, just like with our patches in the past.

Q: Will the gameplay be different when the game comes back?

A: No! The gameplay of Legends is remaining identical; this transition focuses on the game’s look and feel, as well as client optimizations that will allow us to add a lot of awesome new features to the game moving forward.

Q: Is all my progress going to be wiped?

A: No! This refresh will not affect your account progress, achievements or collection in any way. Everything you’ve earned or purchased before the refresh will still be yours in the new version of Legends.

Q: What about my progress in Ranked for the month of September?

A: When Legends comes back up, you will be at the same spot you were at the start of the downtime on September 24. The Ranked season will conclude at the end of the month as usual

Q: Are any cards being added or changed alongside this update?

A: This update will not be adding any new cards or changing any existing cards.

Q: How will the extended downtime affect daily login rewards?

A: All accounts will be set to the further possible rewards progress for that month when the game comes back online. This allows players the chance to continue earning – or even catch up on – daily login rewards for the remainder of the month.

Q: Where can I find a list of known issues?

A: We will be monitoring the release for any known issues, which will be detailed here.



Clayton Fox 10 months ago
I'm not able to update it,it goes 0-3/1111 and just stops, anyone else having this issue (on mobile)
Tuladanlos 10 months ago
Hello everybody!

Here is a feedback of my impressions on the new version of TESL, based on my own point of view and experience (this may not have been the case for everyone).

Profile informations:
  • + Better organization and more visible informations (news, daily quest, PO, soul stone, ticket)
  • + I love the spooky scary skeleton face fot the graveyard icon ^^
  • - Titles bug that I realized personnally (some was disactivated and earned after 1 match except "the lucky woman" => bad luck...)
  • - Too much purple in the background
  • + Some interaction with the battlefield like Hearthstone
  • + Amazing aesthetic and ambiance work especially on the action cards
  • - Some mechanics work poorly
  • - Sometimes brief lag
  • + The cards scrolling is much more fluid and fast (pleasant because there are a lot of cards)
  • + The outline of the legendary cards is great
  • + Premium version cards is generally more net and visible
  • - Only the % collection is visible (there is no more the number of cards possessed/total number of cards)
Deck building:
  • + Cards research is fluid and fast
  • - ATTENTION! Blackwood Distiller was removed from all my deck build (see if you don't have the same issue with other cards)
Daily reward:
  • + The day of maintenance was taken into account for the end of the month

Congratulations! Both on the technical and aesthetic work that it must have required ; not easy to change the whole design and user interface and we will have to get used to it.
However, this is still work on some bugs to fix step by step and some ingame mechanics that run poorly.

I hope you enjoy this summary.
Good game everyone! (we will see each other for the "Isle of Madness" expansion)
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Omnis 10 months ago
I can't downvote you beacause your post is well done but I disagree on your conclusion

I found an insane amount of bugs in 1 hour playing, essentially sound effects/musics and even gameplay !

But 1 good point: now the menu has realy inscreased !

The product have not been tested enought and we need a real uprade very soon...

By the way love Albert Dupontel :)

Vilmos Sápi 10 months ago
I am pretty sure we will have another update/patch soon...
The game keeps flickering, not sure if it's the client itself or my computer being unable to handle the new client.
Omnis 10 months ago
Meh, I'm pretty disappointed by this "upgrade"...

+ Increased menu speed
+ overall design slighty better (matter of taste I guess)
+ some new great musics

- music bounding is very bad and we can hear menu music while playing and battle music in the menu... just why
- some gameplay bugs, for example : (in arena) played an exalted Almalexia's Disciple whith 3 damaged creatures and no one whas healed :/
- overall, this is not that much better indeed ! I whished more navigation menu, the ability to lower the sound effect volume, I was able to see 10 cards at a time while building, now just 8 etc etc...

As a dev, I'm just wondering if the team used a so called "terrific" Agile method or if they lacked of time and/or resources... I still support those guys tho

Waiting for an additionnal upgrade
I found that a lot of the screen transitions are abrupt and are sudden, its like awkward editing in a bad B-movie.. Though I agree the overall client has sped up. but there are too many downsides!
Jul 10 months ago
The game is probably faster on my smartphone now, but the PC version is clearly not improved for the moment. Even if the overall look is good, it simply isn't polished enough:

-Menu animation such as when opening packs or when selecting/eliminating opponents in arena doesn't feel right.
-Overall sound effects are really off: there is no sense of 'weight' to anything we select. Some cards got their sound trimed in the middle or completely missing. Music at the end of a duel stops way too fast, it looks like it got skipped without fading off at all.
-Big blue circle of mana requirements on cards looks bad, such as number of wins announced at the end of an arena. It look the same way as if I had done it myself...
-Card animations such as last gasp or direct face damage from raider need to be improved. At the moment there is no feeling of getting hit hard anymore.

Also, when selecting the final boss of a solo arena, we no longer see the attributes of our future opponents, I am not sure if this is intentional since it does not change anything, but I figured I might as well mention it.

Most of these criticisms can be fixed without too much work (I guess), so I hope they will be adressed quite soon, at the moment the game doesn't feel as good as it used to on PC, wich is a shame since I think the new look as great potential.
Many many system anomalies. Even after the patch. :(
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Thesos 10 months ago
Especially after the patch.

Can't play any game.
Stuck on loading screen
Ya i be gotten my ranked legendary packs 4 times now, if they don't fix that there going to make the game worthless to people like me who have been playing for 8 months to build my card library. How ever much I enjoy getting 3 legendary cards every time i sign in if this is happening to alot of people it's going to boost the library for free and that not far
I mainly play on my phone the new updates look pretty cool, I like how the main screen is alot easier to navigate, that being said I accidently play the wrong card constantly because the borders are gone, but on the upside I've collected my daily rewards way more then I should have and got my 3 legendary cards for ranked 4 times now matter of fact I get them every time i sign into my account😁😁
Friend challenge doesn't work with phone. I can't neather open setup screen and question mark thing in upper corners. Amazing, lots of bugs.
Man I am having the hardest time trying to get my deck collection downloaded. Please help
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Ashmore 10 months ago
Yes, since the new client changed everything, Universal deck tracker is no longer working (for now). We let you know as soon as we get it working again. For now, you can add cards manually to your collection. Sorry for the inconveniance.
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