Frostfall Collection: New card revealed #2


Frostfall Collection: New card revealed #2

By: Ashmore 8 months ago
Another card was revealed for the upcoming Frostfall Collection: Apex Wolf.

Apex Wolf

For more informations about the upcoming expension, check here.



Provi 8 months ago
Imagine this last gasp effect on Odahviing monkaS
I gotta say that both cards that have been revealed have nice artworks
Rellik 8 months ago
6 mana 4 4 without insta value with very unstable gasp..
May be some very unstable combo part, but uncompetitive
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Efotech 8 months ago
That's what I was thinking, too high of a cost especially with the unknown of what creature it will give the keyword to.
Drakwind 8 months ago
It should perform extremely well in mid-range boosting crusader decks where things are already getting big numbers when they come out. So dropping anything with breakthrough and drain is just an extra on top of it. On average I'll have 2 supports and various boosting creatures up by turn 5 turning even just a 1/1 nord firebrand into a sizable threat. Slap Breakthrough and Drain on top of that and your opponent will be in deep trouble.
Instant value isn't everything unless you're doing aggro. This lil boi will be great in the long set-up game.
Omnis 8 months ago
Maybe more a fun card than anything but I like it a lot :)
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