FrostSpark Collection: New card revealed #5


FrostSpark Collection: New card revealed #5

By: Ashmore 5 months ago
Destruction Tutor
Destruction Tutor is the latest card from the FrostSpark Collection to be revealed.
It was revealed by Jele77 on twitch.



Drakwind 5 months ago
At least this one is more balanced than the other 2, but the power and health don't match what I'd think a destruction mage. Swapping them would make much more sense since destruction is about power.
Maybe they've heard people complaining a lot about the "Costs more than a bolt and dies to a bolt" thing and they're trying to "fix" that or something. That would explain the newer 5 drops with more than 4 health that also have some good effects.
Lewel 5 months ago
New card revealed: Harmony.
Good card for mage control and good stats.
Ease the use of Sorcerer's Negation, Ice Spike or Firebolt for 0 cost and perform quick blast like Crushing Blow, Reverberating Strike and for sure Lightning Bolt :)
2 new cards revealed :
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Lewel 5 months ago
Thanks for sharing!

Death Hound is a good card to integrate in a self-silence deck.

Harmony is at the moment the card I prefer the most in this new collection: it is playable, won't break the game, and might offer more efficient strategies for yellow.
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