FrostSpark Collection: New card revealed #6


FrostSpark Collection: New card revealed #6

By: Ashmore 7 months ago
Two new cards were revealed for the upcoming FrostSpark expansion: Death Hound and Harmony.



Rellik 7 months ago
Finally some good cards..stolen but who cares

Harmony is good for solo arena and may be effective in prophecy mage
Hound is interesting, strong synergy with all endurance..may shine in mid decks

Much better than previous 5
E.G 7 months ago
Harmony is clearly op

Death hound is okay
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Lewel 7 months ago
Harmony is clearly good, but not op imo. It can grant you surviving an extra turn, which is great, but won't bring you victory by itself. Decks relying on several charge creatures to reach wont fear it at all, they will play around it.

I believe other cards revealed so far are deeply more op than Harmony, Thorval Extorsionist being the first example, of course...
Death hound goes into otk and doesnt need ring of illu might
Also hound makes healing creature purposeful. Consructed play like that, maybe.
Won't be there any neutral or multi-attribute cards?
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EsalRider 7 months ago
It's a set of 11 cards. Based on previous reveals and previous promo sets, one of the remaining two cards will be strength, the other neutral.
Death hound + Imperial Armor is cool.
Harmony is very strong, it can give you several unexpected favorable trades.
New frostSpark card :

Reward for the month of October :

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