November 2018: MONTHLY REWARD: Frenzied Alit


November 2018: MONTHLY REWARD: Frenzied Alit

By: Ashmore 2 weeks ago
Frenzied Alit is November 2018's monthly reward.
As always, you will have to reach rank 9 (Mage) in Versus Battle by the end of this month to get one copy, rank 5 (Warrior) to earn a second copy and rank 1 (Thief) to get the full set.

Frenzied Alit
Magicka: 1
Attack: 1
Health: 3
When Frenzied Alit takes damage, it gains +1/+0.

Link to Bethesda's Article



So odd. Never seen this card before.
mrphlegm 2 weeks ago
it's time to give mtg arena a try
Just a comment, Frenzied Alit has 3 health points (not two as written in the article) otherwise it won't survive Sword of the Inferno or other dommage ;)

It's good but i prefer Raging Horker effect, better synergy possibility

SzGamer227 2 weeks ago
Strictly worse than Iliac Sorcerer in most circumstances. The edge cases where this takes 1 damage and becomes a 2/2 are not going to matter a whole lot, especially when Iliac Sorcerer handles items far better. This doesn't generate value and it's too slow for hyper aggro, so I don't expect this to be a relevant 1 drop.
pgbarty 2 weeks ago
To be relevant should be 1/4
This card doesn't worth a place in the deck.
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