Import / Export Update


Import / Export Update

By: Ashmore 8 months ago
If you've read the 2.5 patch note, you know that there now is an Import/Export function in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Export to The Elder Scrolls: Legends
Good news, you can now easily export decks you like from into The Elder Scrolls: Legends with the "Export" button at the top of every deck's page.
Once you've copied the code from our page, click the "New Deck" button in The Elder Scrolls: Legends and the game should automatically detect the deck you're trying to import, fancy!

Import from The Elder Scrolls: Legends
You can also import your decks from the game by opening the Deck Builder and by clicking on the Import button. To the get the code of a deck from The Elder Scrolls: Legends, simply click the export button at the bottom of your decklist.

Have fun!
Thanks Sparkypants for the help on this.



Can we import the collection as well?
Santiago Hern... 8 months ago
I have detected that some decks have an invalid code (they cannot be imported in TESL even copying their code manually)
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Ashmore 8 months ago
Weird, can you give me an example so I can find out what's going on? (feel free to PM me :))
great, a new tool for netdecking so that there will be even more people playing this stupid thieves den deck on the ladder, hurray!
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CRyanReed 7 months ago
Thieves den? Never heard of it, better search the decks on here and try it on the ladder.
galvares 8 months ago
Mobile don't work :/
Not working on Android! Any suggestion?
Decks work good, but the Deck Tracker does not work. Where is the problem? I own over 70% of cards so everything must be put in manually? lol
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Ashmore 7 months ago
No, the Deck Tracker has not been updated since the client upgrade. You can either wait for a new tool to come out or add your cards manually or stop using the collection manager.
SaschaGER 7 months ago
Also eine Sache hätte ich bemerkt ... wenn man eine Karte nur in Golden besitzt ,nehmen mir als Beispiel Laaneth, dann wird diese Karte beim einfügen ins deck ignoriert.
Ich befürchte auch das selbiges auch mit der Karte Blattschleicher passiert.

Entschuldigt bitte das ich in deutsch antworte , aber englisch kann ich nicht. eventuell gibt es ja hier jemand der dieses Problem in englisch übersetzen bzw beschreiben könnte .
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