Import Collection from the Game


Import Collection from the Game

By: Ashmore 5 months ago
Why Import your collection

If you are a registered user and have your Collection up-to-date on this website, you can filter out cards you don't have from the deck builder, filter out decks you can't build from the decks page or know how much dust you're missing to build the deck you're looking at which is really useful.
There are other cool things too, check this article if you want to know more.

Retrieve your Collection

In The Elder Scrolls: Legends, visit your Collection and press the Settings button (top right).
Then click the "Infos" buttons and finally press "Export Collection".

Import your Collection into

Once you have Exported your Collection, click on the "Import Collection" button on the top right and paste your Collection in the box.

You may also use the Collection Manager.

Have Fun!

Important note: Some cards may not properly import, most likely because they are brand new and because I'm not done adding them properly, if so, please be patient and wait a couple of days for a fix.
There are 3 or 4 cards from Isle of Madness that won't work as of this moment.

Thanks a lot to SparkyPants for implementing this and for their help.



God I'm glad to hear this. I have not been keeping my collection up to date, and this makes it so easy! It should be helpful knowing what cards I actually have when I'm looking for decks to craft.

I should be able to keep my online collection up to date after my sporadic dusting sprees from now on lmao
This is amazing!

Being a lurker on this site for well over a year and a half , felt like too much of a hassle to import all the cards etc.

Finally joined and will be part of the sharing community from now on, thanks!
Smaxx 5 months ago
A bunch of cards didn't import for me, their count has been (re-)set to 0:
  • Frenzied Alit
  • Seething Flesh Golem
  • Wake the Dead
  • Baliwog Tidecrawlers/Smoked Baliwog Leg
  • Ring of Lordship

Also the step "Open your collection" described in the importer dialog shouldn't be necessary as far as I know.

Edit: Oh, just missed that footnote. well… :D Great thing though!
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Ashmore 5 months ago
The cards you mentionned should work properly now :).
Makeees 5 months ago
Thanks a lot to SparkyPants for implementing this and for their help.

Empiro 5 months ago
Thanks for the integration!

Is it possible to show difference since the previous import? I.e what cards were added/removed.
CRyanReed 5 months ago
Thanks so much for this update!

Along with the filtering decks, would it be possible to set a missing soul gem amount. I think it would help newer players as they look for effective ways to spend the gems they have saved.
Mr.Socrates 5 months ago
Thanks! Now it would be great to have a functioning Deck Tracker :- (
With statistics and stuff; all the realeased Deck Trackers (either UDT or WabbaTrack) they don´t work
Michael Arbog... 3 months ago
I can't get it to work. I copy to my clipboard but when I try to paste the link it appears that nothing's been copied. But it has because I can paste the link to other apps. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug.
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