By: Ashmore 2 months ago



Hermorah 2 months ago
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DK Swiss 2 months ago
Yep. Throw prophecy on that masterpiece maybe
Just think how painful it would be to play the 8-cost Masterpiece only to face a 0-cost Suppress.
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Clavixus 2 months ago
That hurt just reading that.
Omnis 2 months ago
What is all that garbage !?
Aren't they suposed to reveal interessting card and hide the trash ?
I very hope there is better to come.
Masterpiece on Manic Jack is a +7/+7 effect, but yeah in any other scenario it's absolute trash.
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Omnis 2 months ago
The worst part is that's the best cards of the 3...
Fabyus 2 months ago
Masterpiece + squish = game over.
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Omnis 2 months ago
oO How ? +3 atk and Breakthrough isn't that good for squish...
Fabyus 2 months ago
Mmm...OMG...I've read +8/+8! o.O
pgbarty 2 months ago
Hope I am wrong but the developers lost the rhythm since the release of HOM. I am not very satisfied by the new cards. And l wasn't with the Isle of Madness either. Honestly speaking DTB had a "fake" expansion and that looked way more interesting besides needed some more work on balance.
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To be fair HOM was a Direwolf project while Alliance is a Sparky Pants project. Isle of madness was horrible, I’ve been playing this game since day 1 and IOM is the only expansion that I do not own a card of. So far with this current set I only like 2 cards and that’s Dominion Oathman and Battlereave
I disagree, sure not al cards are playable in meta.
But something like 20% of the latest cards create new possible metagame. Im really pleased with this and the madness set thus far. also like how fast they followed eachother. Hope they keep this pace.

PS: would be nice if "trash" cards would get a rework. Something like new cards that have les then 5% player use should get a rework or something.
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