By: Ashmore 8 months ago



Omnis 8 months ago
At this point I think I won't spend any gold in this expansion... Just some dust to try the new 3 attributes decks :/
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Yogg-Saron 8 months ago
At least this set is looking better than IOM. Too many combo cards so far, I’d rather see cards that are powerful on their own
What's up with all the moaning about new card reveals? I think it is exciting that the meta keeps changing and that it keeps fresh. Some of the cards may not seem too great at the beginning, but could potentially make great combos together with the other new cards and abilities that are not easy to foresee. I am happy to see that new cards are not necessarily more powerful than older cards, such that you always want to use a combination of old and new.
Also no-one forces you to play the new cards.
Nereid Sister is pretty damn powerful, especially in combination with Manic Jack. You don't even need to have played other creatures to benefit from the buff.
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we have merely seen half the cards revealed. Guess Sparky wants to keep some surprises for the release, like they did with Jyggalag's Incursion for IoM...
yumyum36 8 months ago
Nereid Sisters with Illusory Mimics seems interesting.
Hello, Thanks Ashmore for all the work !
I've a checked and it missed 4 cards on legends-decks, which are not necessarily from the last reveals :

- Ruby Throne
- Covenant Oathman
- Abnur Tharn
- Emeric, Covenant King

We are currently at 46 cards reveals
nebranger 8 months ago
Invoker seems decent enough. Has high enough Health to make its effect work.
How do Empower Veteran and Expertise work?
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nebranger 8 months ago
Empower: When you damage your opponent, this card gains a bonus this turn.
Veteran: When this card survives its first attack, trigger its effect.
Expertise: When you play an action, item or support this turn, trigger this card's effect.
mister_VWP 8 months ago
That suddden explosiong of magicka :D

might wanna reduce the magicka cost of halve of these cards
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