By: Ashmore 8 months ago



Rufusan 8 months ago
Alchemy and Banelord got me hyped!
Hermorah 8 months ago
Baandari Opportunist the skeever infastacion of green. Nice card with lots and lots of combo potential.
I don't think Alchemy will be used very often in 50 card decks due to Tower Alchemist doing the same thing but also having a body.
However, I think this card will be an awesome addition to triple attribute support decks. Both because it would be easier to include cards that enable empower, and also because it adds to deck reliability.
Moradim 8 months ago
Empire recruiter is not bad card for a token
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JackAries 8 months ago
What does "token" mean? I hear it a lot
IN-SITU 8 months ago
I want to test Baandari Opportunist in my Item Assassin ! :D
Craven Conscript looks good in an Item Convenant and Wish with Tokens ! nice cards revealed
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Calsium 8 months ago
Step 1: Get the ring, and keep Craven Conscript.
Step 2: Play Craven Conscript on turn 2.
Step 3: Equip him with Steel Scimitar and hit.
Step 4: ...
Step 5: Profit.
Hello, it's still missing these 4 cards on legends-decks :

- Ruby Throne (neutral support T3)
- Covenant Oathman (purple T4)
- Abnur Tharn ( blue T6, one of the best alliance cards)
- Emeric, Covenant King ( T9, the legendary of Daggerfall Covenant)
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JackAries 8 months ago
Where do you see these cards/stats?
Fabyus 8 months ago
From Duplicate Legendary Protection – Now live in The Elder Scrolls: Legends!
Calsium 8 months ago
JackAries wrote:
What does "token" mean? I hear it a lot
It means little bodies literally. For instance marked man gives you a zero token which is a decent body for a zero cost. Other than that "Scouting Patrol" summons two soldiers. And most of these deck include cards such as "Divine Fervor, Orc Clan Captain, Fifth legion trainer..." simply which requires as much as body you can play in order to get highest value out of it.
IN-SITU 7 months ago
JackAries wrote:
What does "token" mean? I hear it a lot

when actions as Scouting Patrol or again Imperial Reinforcements summoning creatures as Imperial Grunt. In this case, Imperial Grunt is a token.
Creature can summoning tokens too: Bone Colossus (Skeleton is the token)
It can be the same for some support. Hope I was clear ahah
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