Patch Notes 2.9: Alliance War is live


Patch Notes 2.9: Alliance War is live

By: Ashmore 9 months ago
Alliance War

The Alliances are at war and the Ruby Throne sits empty. It’s time to battle for the Empire in our latest card pack expansion featuring:
  • 104 new collectible cards
  • Four new gameplay mechanics
  • Five new three-attribute combinations: Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant, Aldmeri Dominion, The Guildsworn, and The Empire of Cyrodiil
  • A brand new playmat
  • Four new musical tracks written specifically for The Elder Scrolls: Legends
  • A new Main Menu background featuring the Ruby Throne
  • 17 new titles
  • 22 new quests
  • Six new card backs

New Mechanics
  • Empower: When your opponent takes damage, actions with Empower increase in effect for the turn.
  • Expertise: At the end of your turn, if you played an action, item, or support, creatures with Expertise get a bonus effect.
  • Mobilize: You can play an item with Mobilize to an empty lane. When you do, summon a 1/1 Recruit and equip the item to it.
  • Veteran: After a creature with Veteran first attacks and survives, get a bonus effect.
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God, this keep crashing with my phone....
1 Reply
abybob 9 months ago
me too its too demanding for my phone now... :(

edit: shit pants the update worked!
LogicBomb999 9 months ago
Looks like no pre-made decks :(
Mr colos 9 months ago
When will the patch to fix the bugs of this one coming out?
Clavixus 9 months ago
Does anyone know if Empower can go off multiple times during a turn or is it just once?
1 Reply
It can proc multiple times within a turn (or outside if done by a specific yellow card).
I can't create new decks cause this keeps crashing all the time!!! Oh yeah, sorry, it's a Bughesda game.
Clavixus 9 months ago
Magic_Pixel wrote:
It can proc multiple times within a turn (or outside if done by a specific yellow card).
thank you for the clarification
chad york 9 months ago
Can't even open card packs without crashing. Fix anytime soon?
Omnis 9 months ago
Even if it is a detail, the new interface is very good
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