May 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Hulking Mummy


May 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Hulking Mummy

By: Ashmore 2 months ago
Hulking Mummy
Magicka: 4
Attack: 6
Health: 6
Summon: Shackle Hulking Mummy

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Vilmos Sápi 2 months ago
Really strong card. Can not attack immediately, but can one round later.
Man Dres Renegade is already good but with this one it will buff the hell out ouf Tempo Sorcerer decks.
Great design as always ! but i'm disappointed, you have Imprisoned Deathlord with better stats same cost and same synergy with silence or Dres RenegadeDres Renegade effect.
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koromire 2 months ago
You can play this new one in a non slience deck and it's only shackled one time in contrary of imprisoned Deathlord.
koromire wrote:
You can play this new one in a non slience deck and it's only shackled one time in contrary of imprisoned Deathlord.

I'm agree but in a non silence deck you will put Bleakcoast Troll instead of Hulking Mummy because it's more safe ^^
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Maybe a replacement for corrupted shade? Shade can attack earlier, but is way more fragile.
Yuki Forest 2 months ago
Skipping the first attack is a massive tempo loss. Also, we shouldn't forget that it gives the opponent extra time to answer. If it were lighter or had guard, it would've been acceptable though... I'll pass and keep playing Bleakcoast and Corrupted Shade which are much more solid until we get more efficient silence options or a card that nullifies summon effects.
PandaGo17 2 months ago
Love this card, definitely worth 100 gems 😎
nevron 2 months ago
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Shackle is worded as it misses its next attack. That means it keeps shackle until after next turn.
I theorize if it were to get charge, say from Mundus Stone, then it will act like a normal creature.
KATANA-Proces... 2 months ago
Hello ! I have built a deck for this card, synergies and results in ladder are quite good :
4 cost 5/5,
4 cost 6/6,
4 cost 7/7,
really? I thought purple is just high health. Why not simply 4 cost 12/12 so we can see silence warrior/sorcerer wreck the other aggro decks and face.
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Look the last comment :P
Aristeion 2 months ago
sorry, but this card is a crap like most of monthly reward cards :P But I still love TESL :)
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