Upcoming Balance Changes


Upcoming Balance Changes

By: Ashmore 3 months ago
The following changes should be live June 27 when Moons of Elsweyr is released.

Transitus Shrine
  • Text now reads, “While you have a creature in each lane, your creatures and actions cost 1 less.”

Disciple of Namira
  • Text now reads, "At the end of each turn, draw a card for each friendly creature that died in Disciple of Namira’s lane."

Lillandril Hexmage
  • Text now reads, “After you play an action, deal 1 damage to your opponent.”
  • Stats changed to 5/4.

Cast Into Time
  • Text now reads, “Banish a creature.”

Hlaalu Oathman
  • Stats changed to 1/1.

Falkreath Defiler
  • Text now reads, "Slay: Draw a creature from your discard pile.”

Archer's Gambit
  • Magicka cost changed to 3

Namira's Shrine
  • Text now reads, “Ongoing: At the end of your turn, if you played four cards this turn, draw a card.”

  • Text now reads, “+4/+4, Slay: Banish the slain creature if it’s Undead.”



Entrone 3 months ago
I've seen too much Falkreath Defilers recently, and Cast Into Time was ridiculous since it's addition. Namira's Shrine, also good riddance! That Forgotten Hero Collection was ridiculous, I chose not to buy it out of disgust.
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LogicBomb999 3 months ago
As sad as I am to change my slay ebonheart shenanigans deck, Falkreath was pretty damn strong for his cost. Not sure hes worth running in 3 with the change tho so we'll see.

Probably still would have been too strong, but I wish they limited his effect based on your current magicka that way one can't summon a 12 when players have six magicka or other shennigans.
LogicBomb999 3 months ago
Little surprised by the dawnbreaker nerf. I guess this confirms Sparkys push for undead cards with the next expansion.
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Entrone 3 months ago
Falkreath Defiler was an interesting card for sure, I think the problem was, there were too much ways to trigger it's effect now. Alternatively it could have been made like the Odirniran Necromancer, to be able to summon creatures with same or less power. But now it's rendered useless.
Regarding Dawnbreaker I'm also disappointed. It wasn't played that much, and I've never ever seen it actually removing an undead.
Falkreath Defiler was never a problem until Sword of the Inferno and Squish the Wimpy were released.
Hermorah 3 months ago
I don´t think the shrine nerf was neccessary.

Edit: I am talking about Namira´s Shrine.
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Entrone 3 months ago
I think it was. Actually like that whole Forgotten Hero Collection should have been nerfed. What I'm disappointed about is that Unstoppable Force didn't get nerfed. I would pick that as the most nerf-needing card in the whole game.
Hermorah 3 months ago
You mean Unstoppable Rage right? Because there is no card in the game named: Unstoppable Force
Brian 3 months ago
I think they wanted to reduce shrines pulling other shrines at a reduced cost.
Hermorah 3 months ago
Brian wrote:
I think they wanted to reduce shrines pulling other shrines at a reduced cost.
But Shrine doesn´t reduce cost. Or what did you mean by that?
But Shrine doesn´t reduce cost. Or what did you mean by that?
Transitus Shrine does.
Hermorah 2 months ago
Nicolas Lessard (Wilson) wrote:
But Shrine doesn´t reduce cost. Or what did you mean by that?
Transitus Shrine does.
I was talking about Namira´s Shrine.
Entrone 3 months ago
Poor Lillandril Hexmage. I hope spell based decks will get an other, actually useful card, because now it's only good to trigger empower. I've got the feeling only 0-cost Assassin decks will run it now.
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Burn Assassin was her swan's song. She was never as good as during recent months and now it's her time to rest in peace. It's very sad to see her go.
scp483 3 months ago
Some really weird changes. It shows really bad game design when you have to go back and nerf old cards that were fine until you introduced a bunch of new cards that screwed up the meta. Maybe think ahead next time?
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Entrone 3 months ago
I smell Squish the Wimpy in the air..
gaf89 3 months ago
Absolutely agree.
Dawnbreaker and Hexmage are from core(!!!) game set. Literally from beta test times.
I even think that Defiler is ok card. What is not ok is: Rage, Sword of inferno, Squish etc, etc, etc. All this trigger cards came later and Defiler suddenly... OP?!? How?

Hexmage never ever was played in any t1 deck before. Dawnbreaker was here forever and was used liketeally as 4/4 since its one of the 2 yellow items in existance lol (2nd one is some scuffy guard item).
gaf89 3 months ago
Shrine is ok since there is many support removal options and you have to sacrifice 4mana at once on turn for nothing. Atleast once. Against aggro its equal death.

Cast into time. Whole explanation of the nerf on official site is extremely weird... Its 5 mana card, w/o prophecy, w/o any body on board... Its like you skipping turn if you decide to play it. And since Galyn and Necro are in play, the whole meta was and will be build around discard pile shenaningans. Cus you guys (developers) designed it to be this way. You can't avoid it rly. And yeah this removal was an adequate answer imo.

Again. Galyn buff Necro which later summons Galyn again to repeat the process. Then you Abnur Tharn your necro to resummon Galyn to shuffle some more necros in the deck since 8 was not enough. Then with 6/6 necro you will summon Abnur Tharn again and use his ability on Necro... And it absolutely fine. Right? But Cast into time was game ruiner ofcourse: "loops aren’t as common as they once were and Cast into Time’s effect became more of an annoyance than anything else" <- actual quote from actual official site btw. Fantastic.
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Entrone 3 months ago
Cast Into Tima was RIDICULOUS... A remover for 5 mana (okay), which could banish a card, and all other with the same name (not really okay), WITHOUT triggering Last Gasp or other mechanics (way too op now). I think it's still decent now.
Entrone 3 months ago
When will you nerf that fckin annoying Unstoppable Rage? Dawnbreaker or Archer's Gambit or Lillandril Hexmage were nowhere near that overpowered disgusting game-changer like that for just 8 mana...
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LogicBomb999 3 months ago
If rage is nerfed slay archer decks are dead, red loses its best lane removal, and conscription essentially goes unchecked.

Rage requires more setup than the market hexmage otk (and more magicka too). I mostly play aggro decks (my ebonheart deck was a nice change of pace) and have found the following Rage counters extremely helpful: Withered Hand Cultist and Garnag.
Entrone 3 months ago
Archers had other mechanics that could be strengthened. Like lethal+deal 1 damage, which fits them much better, that Archer's Gambit represented well.
For 8 mana I feel like it's too strong. If you ever fail to remove 1 strong breakthrough/lethal/slay creature and they can play it, you effectively lost not just the lane but the game. Not to mention that Ebonheart has ways to increase max magicka. I've seen Night Talon Lord + Unstoppable Force played in the same turn. And it would be cool to have some card that can counter it, like Grummite Magus, but not in red.
Entrone 3 months ago
Like every third deck I've got to play against is basically the same: Falkreath Defiler, Archein Venomtongue, Night Talon Lord combined with Unstoppable Force, Squish the Wimpy, Quicksilver Crossbow, Sword of the Inferno. Merchant's Camel to draw out these cards, Odirniran if you need some backup.
Now without Falkreath Defiler I wonder what people will use instead. But I hope that ebonheart will lose popularity.
I dont understand the dawnbreaker nerf Its completly unnecessary
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pgbarty 3 months ago
Yes, I am a bit sad as felt gooood to trigger its ability yearly twice... But then they should also change it to non-unique.
Dawnbreaker didn't need to be nerfed! You guys suck! (Sorry just super upset about it...)
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ucarenya 3 months ago
So they keep the beast meta
koromire 2 months ago
The new incomming set of cards was getting to set /card/dawnbreaker/card/ as a yellow auto include... I think that a good CCG have to nerf auto include card because it ruin the variety of decks. If you've too much auto include you will see a 3 decks meta... So why have the choice between several card if you use only 40 of them ?
To me it feels like all meta decks have been hit except big agro(purple red big cheap summons).

It wil now completely dominate the ladder.
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JackAries 2 months ago
Lot of warrior decks relied on Namiras if they weren't pure aggro. Those are dead now too.
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