Moons of Elsweyr Complete Spoiler


Moons of Elsweyr Complete Spoiler

By: Ashmore 6 months ago
Here are the final cards for Moons of Elsweyr. If you want to check the complete set, it's this way!



Когда БАГсезда на работу взяла гомосека CVH, всё в игре стало через жопу. :-/
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Ultralol 4 months ago
then why u still play instead of just moving on? just sayin
gaf89 6 months ago
How is it "complete" reveal if only class uniques we got is spellsword and monk. I mean their (Bethesda's) quality of production is questionable but not THIS BAD. Doubt they will make an expansion w/o class cards.
the Wandering Skeleton looks like Jack Skeleton from Nightmare before Christmas!!!
Levan Bitadze 6 months ago
Why did we get two dual color legendries? If you make ones for spellsword and monk, why not go for all classes? And I'm sure I've seen the artwork for Arise somewhere else before.
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I think they're sticking with a "theme", that being a war between the Imperials and the Khajiit. If you look at the dual attribute unique card for each class, there is one of the 10 humanoid races associated with each of the 10 classes. Monk is the Khajiit class (Ahnassi and now adding Khamira), and Spellsword is the Imperial class (General Tullius and now adding Euraxia).
Icin 6 months ago
Why would they even bother making a card that "They" know they will have to nerf, such as Fear Totem...seriously what in the world are they thinking?!?! talk about beyond broken
lots of cool pilfer.
wil try pilfer deck.
Talilover 6 months ago
Someone help, I do NOT understand the point of cadwell the betrayer
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I play aggro decks and there are many times I have enough health that I could break my own runes for a card I hoped for...I'm guessing this is the scenario they had in mind. That's my best guess.
Am I the only one that has put zero thought into how to play Wax/Wane and Consume? I'm still trying to figure out which is Empower and which is Expertise.
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Mr.Socrates 6 months ago
Yeah all the new mechanics went pretty fast, but generally speaking its good for the game. Im only concerned that its too much stuff to play around. Although its still much better scenario than Hearthstone.
Grahand 6 months ago
If you use Move in Shadows several times in a turn on Apex Predator that cat duplicates itself 🤦🏻‍♂️
all card designs are remade from previous cards, just take a closer look.
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