JUNE 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Apprentice Necromancer


JUNE 2019: MONTHLY REWARD: Apprentice Necromancer

By: Ashmore 6 months ago
Apprentice Necromancer
Magicka: 3
Attack: 3
Health: 3
Summon: Summon a 1-cost creature from your discard pile.

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This does put a smile on my face
Wow, in those colors this is grate, it could bring....absolutely nothing worth bringing back. 😐
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Marked Man is a superb pull if one must be constrained to strictly spellsword. That being said the best pull, imho, is Ungolim in Empire.
IN-SITU 6 months ago
I agree LogicBomb999, there is the Mudcrab Merchant too for Spellsword and/or Empire.
Richard de So... 6 months ago
Like I said, nothing worth bringing back, those cards are ok to bring back...but would you run this card in your deck to bring back a Marked man or Mudvrab?
Especially for a exotic card is not that great, if this was on green tho, then it would be amazin, Ugolin, Assassins, the new Pinfer Charge and the option of Mudcrab.
But if you are playing empire it might be good but I don’t thing is worth it.
Love the concept, hope they make more graveyard focused cards.
In token decks this card is very good. Even if you just bring back a 1/1 it's 4/4 worth of stats divided among 2 bodies. With Trainer on the board it's a 4/3 and a 2/1 for 3 cost. And those decks run Bruma, Divine Fervor, Mercenary Captain, Resolute Ally/Empire Oathman too. It's a very good card.
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