By: Ashmore 4 months ago
Old Salty's Assault
Magicka: 5
Summon one of each Mudcrab from your deck.

Mudcrabs? Mudcrabs!



There aren't enough mudcrabs for this to work, and it only summons "one of each" ... Memes, memes, only memes. We were made to meme.
aixyno 4 months ago
You missing Reflective Automaton.
I think it will propably fit best into Mage Token Decks.
Me: I can't wait to see the new monthly reward card.
Sparkypants: Hold my mudcrab.
Omnis 4 months ago
Can't wait to have to choose between Summerset Orrery, Duel Atop the World and that new joke while drafting in Arena ><'
JackAries 4 months ago
I climbed ranks... for this??
Maiki 4 months ago
So, for this card to be powerful I have to create a deck with 9 mudcrabs + 3 automaton + 3 old salty's = 15 cards. What a shitty reward.
Would be a lot better if it was a ceature instead of an action. A gaint mudcrab with 3+/5+(power/health), and summon: summon 1 of each mubcrab in your deck.
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IN-SITU 4 months ago
a little bit... TOO strong from my point of view. It means u summon 11/13 (with Reflective Automaton) Turn 5
Censing 4 months ago
Maybe it could work in an Aggro Burn Mudcrab deck? You Summon 6-Cost worth of Creatures when you play this (Mudcrab Merchant, Enraged Mudcrab, Mudcrab Anklesnapper and Reflective Automaton), but that may not be enough, and if you don't draw this card when you need it you'll be playing a deck full of cheap, weak creatures.
I duuno, I wish they'd flesh out and buff the current tribal synergies instead of giving us the building blocks for a new one. I'm glad Skeletons finally happened, but can Kwama tribal finally be a thing (or was Kwama Queen totally pointless)? Maybe give Animal decks some much needed love?
Sorry, I guess I'm more salty than the reward.

Edit: Well, colour me surprised, this card is actually alright. Lots of players seeing success with it, even at Legend rank, provided you don't get blown out before turn 5, and provided you draw Old Salty to play it when needed. On turn 4 with Ring this card is incredibly hard to deal with, and can quickly snowball you to victory. If your Control deck isn't running Ice Storm you're in for a bad time.
The worse shit they ever made. I waste my time to get into Legend this month. Great
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