Jaws of Oblivion: Card Reveal #2


Jaws of Oblivion: Card Reveal #2

By: Ashmore 3 weeks ago



Nice to see the Bloody Hand Clan. Will they find their totem? ;)

IN-SITU 3 weeks ago
Dead Drop ... 😍 perfect for my Tribal Market Assassin instead of Move in Shadows
Dead drop is gonna be a crazy highroll from suran pawnbroker. I think that card should just give you one specific zero cost card on plot instead of rolling lesser wards, supresses and nord firebrands.
Is it possible to choose two enemy creatures to battle with Lord of the Arena ?
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Azelios 3 weeks ago
Yes, any two creatures.
Fabyus 2 weeks ago
Entrone 3 weeks ago
Glad to see new Goblins ^^ And that Minotaur looks very strong
Azelios 3 weeks ago
I'm actually more exited about Emperor's Attendant. Odirniran Necromancer will be pleased. Also notable that only his strength counts into the buff. Which means that this is a good friend of Fifth Legion Trainer and Orc Clan Captain as well. Someone wants to encourage the Redoran theme I think.
Lord of the arena sounds hella dope, potentially removing 2 enemy creatures and throwing an 8/8 body on your side? Crazy strong but in a fun/ balanced way imo

Also looking forward to bloody hand chef as I've always enjoyed curse/weaken decks, bit bummed he's a legendary tho.

Emperors attendant is obviously made for redoran/ rally decks, and I like the idea. It's annoying when you don't rally the creature you want to and this is a perfect counter to that problem
Where are the control cards? =)
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Did you not see Lord of the Arena?
The Voiceless wrote:
Did you not see Lord of the Arena?
Yes, but it's not in my colors! haha! yeah, that card is awesome though!
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