Jaws of Oblivion: Card Reveal #5


Jaws of Oblivion: Card Reveal #5

By: Ashmore 3 months ago



That Fresh Start art is super nostalgic.
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DK Swiss 3 months ago
I’ll say so. Oblivion wasn’t even a favorite game for me but all these cards are actually making me want to replay it!
Oblivion was one of the games that I played the most throughout my childhood, so nostalgia also hits hard for me. It also gives me the envy to play it again !
I didn't realized this before because I'm kinda sleepy, but drawing three cards is very flavorful for Fresh Start, considering that's how many cards you draw at the start of the game.
Blind Moth Priest is a cool card but not good enough to be played I think ... But I like the way Sparkypants are giving us new and exciting mechanics.
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Personally I like how it synergizes with The Ultimate Heist.
DK Swiss 3 months ago
Also not sure if it sees play. Thinking of aggro crusader im not sure it actually makes you win more.

I’d drop it not on 2 but before I swing through 2 or 3 tunes but even so you would only stop on the last one I believe. But vs battlemage it would be great!
I thought the same thing! Awesome idea, but not good enough at the moment to have any reason for consistent use.
Falconfox17 3 months ago
All these cards are amazing.
JackAries 3 months ago
This is going to be the most expensive update ever. Only wanted, like, three cards from the previous one.
Azelios 3 months ago
I agree, great expansion which will freshen up this game.
I'm only slightly worried that people will just abuse the invade mechanic to get cheap Betray/Firebloom fodder and to cheat out Pit Lions on a regular basis. But let's stay positive.
IN-SITU 3 months ago
I'm afraid of Invade. Hope it will be not the new cancer on the ladder. It seems really TOO strong from my point of view. Well, we will see : )
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Very muched agreed. I can see nerfs coming within the first week, easily.
100% AGREED.
Seems way too powerful. Like, as in fun-killing for non-invade decks.
JackAries 3 months ago
Just realized; "Invade" is a keyword. Does that mean our Mundus stone, Manic Mutations, etc., are going to be spawning Oblivion Gates every now and then?
LaGrosseBise wrote:
Oblivion was one of the games that I played the most throughout my childhood, so nostalgia also hits hard for me. It also gives me the envy to play it again !
Lucky you! My then-fresh hardware could not run Oblivion good enough (and I don't think any computer from 2006 ran Oblivion well). High frame rates with normal textures and bells and whistles seemed impossible to me until 2014. Funny thing though, Skyrim ran smoother on my older PC than Oblivion :)
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