Balance Patch 2.15


Balance Patch 2.15

By: Ashmore 2 months ago

  • Now includes the Guard keyword


  • Magicka cost decreased from 7 to 6

Inspiring Kinsman

  • Stats changed from 2/4 to 3/4

Covenant Masterpiece

  • Magicka cost decreased from 8 to 7


  • Changed text to deal 3 damage instead of 2

Pact Shieldbearer

  • Stats changed from 3/5 to 3/6

Renowned Instructor

  • Stats changed from 3/3 to 3/4




Aku 2 months ago
I thought they would have add a cost to Oblivion Gate, isn't it the most OP combo of the moment ?
Mantikora got it's guard back :-)
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Ya I've thought it through and it seems like the most fair and easy way to fix the insane combo
CRyanReed 2 months ago
Added a little late, but costs 3 and resets to level 1 on bounce or duplication.
I love the new change, even though I used the copy/unsummon exploit the 3 cost and reset makes you think over again and really balances out, it was way too easy
Azelios 2 months ago
Love it! Several of my favourite cards just became more playable. The buff on inspiring Kinsman alone is huge, taking it out of Gourmet range. Masterpiece now slightly more viable without discard/Master-of-Arms.
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JackAries 2 months ago
That Kinsman buff hurts me; been running "Execute" on these guys a lot lately lol. So many rally decks out there with Faded Wraith.
But I'd love to see Daggerfall Masterpiece get more play!
Talilover 2 months ago
This actually got me to start using hunter killers, defintly not an auto include by any means but still a neat/ fun card. Kind of a double edge sword because it takes it out of WORLD-EATER'S EYRIE range but I guess that was the original idea of the card but the combo was only a really good theory/ not viable due to costs
The real balance would be banning the daedric deck, it was a mistake and a fucking cancer
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