The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood spoiler list


The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood spoiler list

By: Ashmore 1 year ago
Below are the cards from The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood set that have been revealed.

April 4th

April 3rd

April 2rd

March 31th

March 30th

March 29th

March 28th

March 26th

March 25th

March 24th

March 23th

March 22th

March 21th

March 20th

March 19th

March 18th

March 9th



Those are some very nice cards there. The night mother will go very nicely in my ramp/control scout deck. That underworld vigilante is also a very nice tech card.
Please add Garnag:
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Ashmore 1 year ago
done =)
Very interesting new effects. Should make very interesting possibilities.
Ikarus 1 year ago
you added wrath of sithis to neutral instead of endurance :)
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Ashmore 1 year ago
Yes indeed! ><
Fantastic cards, all of them. I especially excited to see Garnag and Wrath of Sithis in play! Great job!

Sanctuary raid seems to be the only exception, willpower has far too many removals already.
Hey guys. I'm HS player and a have few questions.
1) Can you craft cards from this adventure\story mode missions?
2) How many this type of sets we going to have per yer?
3) What about bigger expansions? When they coming out?

Thx. So far i really enjoying this game.
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1) just like in HS, probably not
2) 4
3) every new expansion will try to be bigger to catch up to HS
I am confused as to why the Corsair is Epic rarity, but I dig the Ship.
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Pretty sure that it is epic because of some synergies, or maybe for the lolz.
Im glad they put corsairs in the game, who didn't love that ship at IC in oblivion lol.
That spear of embers ahahah DAMN, such utility
I wish yellow cards would get something better than immune to lethal tbh...
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