New card Revealed: Little Girl / Ageless Vampire


New card Revealed: Little Girl / Ageless Vampire

By: Ashmore 1 year ago
Little Girl
CVH revealed a new card from the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood: Little Girl.

Little Girl introduces a new keyword: Change, it is similar to the Transform keyword except that the changed creature retains all modifications and states. You can check CVH's video below if you want more explanations.].png].png

The reveal:

I also missed a reveal on Reddit two days ago, here's the revealed card: Stealer of Secrets.].png



A little bit slow for me. Night Shadow is better.
But may be the Change mechanic hasn't reveal all its secrets....
drakkar 1 year ago
Little Girl IMO is too fragile in ranked, but in Arena looks not as bad as it could. And Stealer looks nice only in decks with lots of spells, like Mage. For the rest is a little bit too slow.
A card too risky to be played over Night Shadow in any circumstance, even if it can hit a couple of turns before. Drain isn't relevant so early in the game, and 2 health makes a 4-drop almost unplayable as long as Firebolt is a thing. It could've been at least kind of interesting as a 0/3.
Gotta admit, love the concept & the card art, but agree with everyone else, it's way to fragile in the little girl state. If you can play the 5/5 drain vampire on its own, as a rare it isn't too bad. Maybe there's more to this or maybe it's just not all that, we'll see.
Stealer of Secrets is sorta neat, it's slow though... but a nice concept.
very slow but very nice card I like the concept and art
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