The last 11 cards revealed


The last 11 cards revealed

By: Ashmore 1 year ago
Here are the last 11 cards for The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion.

Some texts have been changed on cards like Lucien Lachance or Child of Hircine that now uses the Slay keyword.

You can now see the complete list here: Complete visual Spoiler.

Or you can check our Cards database to get more informations.



am i wrong or are there only 10 cards
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Ashmore 1 year ago
Yes indeed, I forgot Skeever Infestation. Thanks!
Control Crusader, here I come! :D
Mmmh what happens with Shadowmere if it goes to 13 mana and you don't play endurance?
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Literally unplayable.. :p
Does Brotherhood Sanctuary triggers of Astrid and Lucien's ability? It's a waste of wording space if it doesn't.
Could Collection Manager get a set filter so we can easily add the 40 new cards to our collection on legends decks ?
Is there a way to get/summon this cards without spending RL money?
I would like to congratulate the person who came up with the idea of making a UNSTOPPABLE RAGE card, Thank you for killing this game.
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