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Well we don't get to choose what ads pop up here, you register to a program that sends ads that are relevant to your visitors.
And what does the pride has to do with it? You play a good game and you get ads to play another good game, what's wrong with that?
This makes absolutely no sense.

ON  Deck - IoM Rage Archer5 months ago 0
You can find the code in the Export section on the right side column
ON  News - Import Collection from the Game6 months ago +10
The cards you mentionned should work properly now :).
ON  Deck - Ashlander Dagoth7 months ago 0
The new Ashlander Punisher is not supported by the exporter yet.
Sorry for the inconvenience, it should be fixed pretty soon.
ON  News - Isle of Madness: Card Reveal #17 months ago +2
ON  News - Import / Export Update7 months ago +2
No, the Deck Tracker has not been updated since the client upgrade. You can either wait for a new tool to come out or add your cards manually or stop using the collection manager.
ON  News - Import / Export Update8 months ago +1
Weird, can you give me an example so I can find out what's going on? (feel free to PM me :))
ON  News - Import / Export Update8 months ago +1
This is something you'd have to ask to Sparkypants, everything is ready on my end. But I'm sure this is something they are thinking about.
ON  News - Import / Export Update8 months ago 0
I don't know, I have no news from the developer but at this point I don't think it will come back.
ON  News - Import / Export Update8 months ago +2
Sorry about this, it should work properly now.