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Totally loving the game - every single move matters!
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ON  Deck - Token Mage2 years ago +1
The deck is purely amazing, it works like charm.
The Black Dragon however, in my opinion, is a necessity. I've included Dawnbreaker as well.

- Barbas
- Marked Man
+ The Black Dragon
+ Dawnbreaker
ON  Deck - Warrior Aggro2 years ago +1
Nice deck - affordable and powerful.
Don't have Sower of Revenge and for this reason, I've included 1x Vigilant Giant & 2x Plunder.
ON  Deck - Climb to Legend // Cruce a Leyenda2 years ago 0
Changed Abecean Navigator with Palace Conspirator
ON  Deck - Goblin's Gambit1 year ago 0
The best deck I have played so far by far
ON  Deck - Guard me1 year ago 0
What is your win-ratio with the deck?



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