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ON  Article - Basic information about Ranked Play 2 years ago 0
I can confirm the rank 6 rewards, just got 40 gold and 130 soul gems.
ON  Deck - Prophecy Battlemage (Let's Smorc Things Up)2 years ago 0
I think it's a reference to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jenlSf2E8o
ON  Thread - Started Thread: Unable to add cards, popup says I have to log-in even though I am logged in2 years ago 0

Tried to add a card to my collection today, but even though I am reported as being logged in (top-right corner), whenever I try to add a card, the pop-up is telling me "Oops! You must be logged in to save your collection! You really should do it. Life is better when logged in."

Might be related, but the 'log out' button does not seem to do anything (top-right still reports me as being logged in).

Things I have tried: 'Incognito Mode' in Chrome; switching over to Firefox and logging in there. Both had the same result (unable to add card).

Could someone please let me know if this is happening for them as well?

after randomly trying, adding the card worked just now. I'll post here if I see this behavior again.
ON  Deck - One Cost Chanter2 years ago 0
thanks for putting this together, it's very entertaining to play.



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