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agility intelligence The Fast and the Furious
By: Sergio_2
strength endurance Warrior with Altar Whaaaaat?
By: Sergio_2
strength agility Charge only
By: Sergio_2
endurance Dirt cheap purple
By: Sergio_2
Mentor's Ring New power
By: Sergio_2

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ON  Deck - RAMP WARRIOR IZI GAME2 years ago +1
11 creatures 7+ mana
Will not fly
ON  Deck - The orks only2 years ago 0
With GORTWOG GRO-NAGORM you can make title "summon 30 orks".
ON  Deck - The Rage with Breakthrough Drain2 years ago 0
Night Talon Lord + UNSTOPPABLE RAGE = is fantastic effect! :D
ON  Deck - The Rage with Breakthrough Drain2 years ago 0
All combinations:
Night Talon Lord + Improvised Weapon + UNSTOPPABLE RAGE (God Bless the Bethesda!)
Stampede Sentinel + UNSTOPPABLE RAGE (classic the Rage)
Night Shadow + UNSTOPPABLE RAGE (classic the Rage)
Little Girl + Improvised Weapon + UNSTOPPABLE RAGE (+lifes and extra dmg)
Falkreath Defiler + Steel Scimitar + UNSTOPPABLE RAGE (mass animate dead)
Archein Venomtongue + UNSTOPPABLE RAGE (for magic up and wipe the line)
Young Mammoth + UNSTOPPABLE RAGE (for fast use the Rage or difficult situation)
ON  Deck - PauloDiogo's Control Spellsword2 years ago 0
9 cards with 7+ mana cost?
2 Blood Magic Lords?
The Night Mother here?
9 cards with cost 5?
Is it joke?



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