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strength endurance Mid range legend 200ish
By: Godbobs
endurance willpower High Hrothgar and a guard deck that really works!
By: Godbobs
endurance intelligence Knight of order
By: Godbobs
willpower strength Cygnus supports
By: Godbobs
endurance agility Easy mid-range for legend 300ish
By: Godbobs

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ON  Deck - Mid range legend 200ish1 year ago +2
Yep zero prophecies. There are enough guards and big guys to do trades with that I actually do decent when it comes to Aggro though.

ON  Deck - Knight of order7 months ago Edited 7 months ago   +2
So yea your comment is right on. Bishop of the hour is actually counter productive in this deck because he will plus 5 a deathlord and you have to silence that to use him. Dropping all bishops and the gate keeper and adding two hush and 2 mighty conjuring. For sure that will take things up a notch.
ON  Deck - Easy mid-range for legend 300ish1 year ago +1
Glad you are liking it!
ON  Deck - Modified high Hrothgar Deck - Spellsword Control2 years ago +1
Nice take on the deck! I gave it a couple run throughs and it worked well :)
Glad you like it! I also put a pilfer chanter monk deck on here that is pretty fun to play as well. I run a lot of different things but usually don't post a deck on here if there are a good amount that are already posted and similar.



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