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ON  Deck - CVH's Ramp/Control Warrior2 years ago Edited 2 years ago   0
eyenie wrote:
Deck actually is REALLY slow and loses to aggressive midrange decks. I wouldn't recommend to play it on ladder. And I don't think you can fix those matchups, warrior doesn't have good prophecy cards. I played 6 more 3 drops and it still loses tempo in early game and you can't comeback.
Play it only if you face a lot of control decks.
I decided to experiment with it in Casual, what a mistake. I feel it can fit into ladder, though maybe not now since decks seem to be picking up in aggro but in casual forget it. Anything with more than 4 drops in casual isn't going to stack up, so I basically wasted my time :D. You are right though, anything super aggro if you don't get lucky with some lower cost drops it seems you lose control of the board way too fast.



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