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ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #181 year ago +3
Weakness + Skaven Pyromancer to make Warrior great again
ON  News - CLOCKWORK CITY CARD REVEAL #131 year ago +5
Nice imperial army you got there. No really, it was nice.
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ON  Deck - Le Cri du Dragon / The Dragon Cry1 year ago +1
Hi there. Nice deck, I'm going to try it soon but I have a question for you... why not using a Odahviing? I know it would raise the overall magicka cost but it's one of the best cards at the moment. Also, I would personally avoid using Greybeard Mentor since it's not so useful, at least not x3 because if would raise your shout-draw probability at 9/52, while this is a dragon and not a shout deck (right?). I'd try Knight of the Hour instead, a useful prophecy + guard + health.
I'll let you know the results!
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ON  News - NEW CARD REVEALED: Siege of Stros M'Kai1 year ago +2
Hasn't this card's image been available for decks cover since the very beginning of this game?



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